3 Smart Tips for Evidencing Competency

3 Smart Tips for Evidencing Competency

With the introduction of the new Accountability Regime, the need for effective training and robust processes for evidencing competency has never been greater. Here, we share 3 quick top tips about how to get ahead under the new accountability regime:

1. Microlearning changes behaviours

Changing behaviours is about embedding good practice in people's day to day activities. Don't view training as a one-off event; give your employees a variety of easily-digestible learning activities all year round to provide reinforcement and continual improvement

2. Recognise that 'one size' doesn't fit all

Your employees will have differing levels of knowledge, skills and expertise, so don't treat them all the same the same when it comes to training. Use diagnostic assessments to identify individual knowledge gaps and provide tailored learning pathways to maximise employee engagement and minimise wasted time.

3. Introduce firm-wide CPD

Try introducing a formal Continual Professional Development (CPD) scheme to provide a practical framework to ensure development is addressed in a structured way. Enabling employees to track all their learning activities against the CPD scheme gives visibility of personal progress, improves motivation and provides a comprehensive audit trail.

Got your own smart tips for evidencing competency? We'd love to hear them! Leave us a comment below...

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