Key point videos coming soon to the Mortgage and Home Finance suite


It may not be news to you that we have a unique suite of eLearning content for all those that work within the mortgage and home finance market. But what will be news is a dramatic enhancement we’re making.

We’ve always prided ourselves on a special feature of the suite: the succinct animated videos to help with key points and summaries. What we’re now doing is making these videos ‘standalone’ from the main suite. That means, you can either enjoy the enhanced learning experience the videos give as part of the suite, or, simply use the videos alone as useful key point reminders as you go through the year.

So, for example, suppose you want a refresher on the topic of say ‘Mortgage advice and the criteria to fulfil’. You could undertake our pathway on this and get yourself 45 minutes CPD. Or, you could simply watch the 3 summary videos from the pathway, of 2 minutes each, on the subjects of: ‘The mortgage application process’, ‘Meeting mortgage lenders’ borrowing criteria’ and ‘Meeting mortgage lending criteria’. And of course, that still gives you 6 minutes CPD.

The full list of topics or pathways this applies to is:

  • Buying, Selling and Financing Residential Property
  • Mortgage advice and the criteria to fulfil
  • Mortgage and Home Finance Regulation and the Various Types of Mortgages
  • Insurances to Consider alongside a Mortgage
  • Equity Release and Other Home Finance Options
  • Dealing with Arrears and Possessions
  • Customer Interactions (TCF, Complaints, Vulnerable Customers, Fraud).

We hope you enjoy our new offering which will be available to those who subscribe to the Mortgage and Home Finance suite in late June 2020.

If you do not subscribe to our Mortgage and Home Finance catalogue, please contact your Account Manager. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us here, email digitallearning@theaccessgroup.com or call us on 0800 055 6586.

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