A Brand New Offering in Partnership with Metidian

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You wouldn’t put your people in front of the press without training, so why do it for a regulatory meeting?

At Unicorn, we pride ourselves on the unique ability to support our customers in every aspect of their Governance, Risk and Compliance training. With this in mind, we're now delighted to introduce our latest offering in the form of training for successful regulatory meetings. The course has been developed in partnership with regulatory experts, Metidian, and aims to provide organisations with an interactive and immersive learning resource to help prepare staff for regulatory visits.

The learning comprises a range of video and interactive segments, and follows a number of fictional employees through the various stages of a regulatory meeting. It allows users to participate in a series of virtual interactions with a regulator – simulating both the preparatory, and interview elements of a real visit, but without the risk of consequences associated with poor performance.

Lydia Bailey, founder and Managing Director of Metidian explains: “Firms and individuals often fail to come over effectively in regulatory visits and meetings. Staff shouldn’t just be expected to cope without appropriate training. The challenge is that the best way to acquire the right skills and understanding is through seeing, experiencing and participating in meetings - then getting feedback and guidance. Partnering with Unicorn has enabled us bring this into an online training environment in a way that is very immediate and compelling.”

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Prepare well for a regulatory meeting or visit
  • Understand the regulators’ perspective
  • Be open, clear and factual
  • Recognise the obvious do’s and don’ts
  • Respond confidently to different types of questioning
  • Use powerful examples to bring key elements to life

Why risk your people getting it wrong when it really counts? Get started today - prepare your people, and start building better regulatory relationships at all levels of your organisation.

Demo the course here


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