Access LMS Release Notes 9.2

Access LMS Release Notes 9.2

This month’s release announces some exciting improvements. The ability to register users to training based on their system role gives you greater flexibility to target your audience when creating registration rules. We've added the functionality in forms to make the file attachments option mandatory and we've linked up My Staff to My Team to enable you to drill from a top level view down into a more user friendly overview of staff training.

Corresponding guides and videos will be updated or added to Unicorn Help over the coming weeks.

We have indicated which version number each feature will be released in. To check which version your LMS is currently operating on, please refer to this Help Guide.

Register users based on their System Role

We have introduced additional criteria when running Registration Rules allowing Administrators, Content Creators and Line Managers to roll out training to users based on their system roles.

This is particularly useful if you need to distribute role based training to users who sit in different areas of the Organisation structure. Such as, training which is specific for all Line Managers in all different departments of your Organisation.

How does it work?

Administrators can create registration rules in the Users tab of an Activity. On Step 1 of the Registration Rule wizard, select Filter by roles and select the role(s) to be identified by the rule, thus registering them on to the content. Complete the rest of the registration rule setup as normal.

Who can use it?

Administrators and Content Creators can create registration rules in Content Manager.

Release Version: 9.2.4

Make File Attachment form sections mandatory

We have introduced a new option within the File Attachments section of forms to mark the section as mandatory. Previously, you could add a File Attachments section, but there was no option to make this mandatory meaning users completing the form could submit it without adding any attachments. This can now be set as a mandatory requirement to complete the form.

How does it work?

You will now see an additional tick box option when adding a File Attachment section to a form template. This will allow you to choose whether or not this section is mandatory when completing the form.

Who can use it?

Super Administrators can create form templates.

Release Version: 9.2.15

My Team/My Staff improvements

We have made the user card destination in the My Staff area configurable within Site Settings. You will be able to choose whether clicking on a user’s card takes you to the user’s profile, as before, or whether it takes you to a filtered view of ‘My Team Activity’. You can then easily manage the user’s learning by adding new activities as well as changing due dates or cancel registrations for existing activities.

How does it work?

In the Site Settings, click on the ‘My Team Dashboard’ card. The ‘User Card Link Destination’ option allows you to choose either Profile or My Team Activity. Selecting Profile means the Manager will be taken to the User’s profile when they click on their card in the My Staff area. Selecting My Team Activity means the Manager will be taken to the My Team Activity area, filtered to just show the activity for that user.

Who can use it?

Super Administrators can choose the destination in Site Settings. This will affect the user card behaviour in the My Staff area for all Line Managers.

Release Version: 9.2.5

Gamebrain - Ability to save a draft question

You are now able to save your questions as drafts until you are ready to publish them.

How does it work?

When creating questions for your Gamebrains, your questions will now appear on the right of your screen as an Unsaved Draft, a Saved Draft, Ready to be Published or Published. These will be indicated by their corresponding colours along with text indicating the status of your question, so that you can easily identify which questions you need to go back to to finalise before publishing.

Who can use it?

Administrators and Content Creators

Release Version: 9.2.8

Gamebrain - Avatar Screen improvements & Additional Outfits

There have also been general screen and lighting improvements to the main stage and additional outfits have been made available for your avatars.

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