Access LMS Release Notes 9.3

Access LMS Release Notes 9.3

This month's release delivers the ability to play and create your Gamebrains in Multiple Languages. We've also introduced Question Bank Archiving and Improved Forms and Certificates . Finally, we're excited to launch our Administrator training pathways so that you can refresh your skills or train others in your organisation.

Corresponding guides and videos will be updated or added to the Knowledge Base over the coming weeks.

We have indicated which version number each feature will be released in. To check which version your LMS is currently operating on, please refer to this Help Guide.

Access LMS training now available

We’re excited to announce that the first Access LMS product accreditations are now available. We have created three training pathways, aimed separately at Users, Line Managers and Administrators. We can make these pathways available to you on your site to upskill new Administrators or even just to provide a refresher on key functionality. The User and Line Manager pathways serve as useful introductions to navigating and using basic features of the site. If you are interested in using these pathways, please raise a support ticket.

Gamebrain: Multi-language support

You can now play and create Gamebrains in 13 additional languages:

Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

How does it work?

In the app, change the language using the language toggle button found in the Menu. All app buttons, prompts and messages will be changed to the selected language.

In the LMS, navigate to the Advanced Settings tab of the Gamebrain activity to change the language.

Who can use it?

Users can change the language in the App and Administrators can set the language in the LMS.

Release Version:

iOS & Android: 7.2

Gamebrain: the ability to report on question responses

You can now report on the responses to your Gamebrain questions within the LMS, giving you greater insight into the effectiveness of your questions.

How does it work?

Create a new report or edit an existing one in the Reports area of the LMS. We recommend using the Assessment Attempt default report which will now return Gamebrain activities as well as standard Assessments.

Who can use it?

Super Administrators, Administrators and Report Administrators are able to create new reports and edit existing ones.

Release Version: 9.3.7

Ability to Archive Question Banks

Administrators are now able to archive Question Banks that are no longer required. Only questions from active question banks will be used when creating assessments and surveys.

How does it work?

Administrators can access Question Banks via the Menu. To archive a Question Bank, click on its name and navigate to the Details tab. Here you can archive the Question Bank, or restore it if it’s already archived.

You can filter by status on the Question Banks home screen using the filter. Active banks will be shown by default.

If a Question Bank is retired but it contains questions used in existing Assessments or Surveys, these questions will be marked as ‘retired’ and can be dealt with in the same way as other retired questions. Read this Help Guide for further information on retired questions.

Who can use it?

Super Administrators can access Question Banks and Administrators can create Assessments and Surveys.

Release Version: 9.3.8

Form Objectives Enhancements

We've made two improvements to help you filter and select objectives between forms. The first is that a user can now search for the form that they would like to see the objectives from:

The second is that a form creator can define which form to add past objectives from. When the user clicks on Add past objectives, the Search by form name will default to the name of the form predefined by the form creator.

How does it work?

In order to allow a user to add objectives the Past Objectives option needs to be set to ‘Manually add objectives only’. Create a Form activity using your Form Template and navigate to the Details tab of that activity in Content Manager. There is a new field called ‘Past Objectives Form Name’ - free type the name of the Form activity the objectives should be pulled from.

When the user adds objectives to this Form, they will be able to click on the Past Objectives button and will only see objectives from the Form specified as above. They can tick the objectives they want to pull in to the form.

Who can use it?

Super Administrators can create Form Templates. Administrators, Content Creators and Line Managers can create Forms and specify which Form the objectives should pull from. Any Actors in a form can use the form filter to help them select the objectives they would like to move from a previous form.

Release Version: 9.2.2

Unique ID to confirm certification

You can now include a unique activity attempt code within Certificates. This is useful if your users are awarded a certificate on the Access LMS you later want to validate. Their certificate ID acts as a unique identification code. These codes can also be reported on and used as a reference to check certification from company to company.

How does it work?

Navigate to the Administration area of any Activity. In the Certificate tab, enable the certificate and create a message. Add the Certificate ID custom field to the message. When viewed by the user, the certificate will generate a unique code.

Administrators can also use the Certificate ID field in reports, allowing them to pull associated codes into reports.

Who can use it?

Super Administrators, Administrators and Content Creators can enable Certificates. Super Administrators, Administrators and Report Administrators can edit and create reports.

Release Version: 9.3.1

Improvements to ContentServe

We have upgraded our ContentServe solution, providing you with xAPI integration which will improve communication with supporting third party learning management system and performance improvements

Who can use it?

The upgrade will be automatically applied to all ContentServe clients.

Release Version: 9.2.13

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