Access LMS Release Notes 9.5

Access LMS Release Notes 9.5

This month’s release focuses on enhancing current functionality within the LMS alongside the beginning of us surfacing new functionality to support you in a post-Covid world. Users can now launch selected Activities from an email without having to log in separately, you can edit certificate expiry dates for users and we’ve made our video integration available to all of our customers, giving you an easy way to communicate out to your teams. In Gamebrain, you can now choose your quiz host from your user avatars.

Corresponding guides and videos will be updated or added to the Knowledge Base over the coming weeks.

We have indicated which version number each feature will be released in. To check which version your LMS is currently operating on, please refer to this Help Guide.

Gamebrain Host

Why not make your CEO the host of your staff on-boarding quiz? If a user within your reporting scope has an avatar on the Gamebrain app you can select them to be the host for your Gamebrain. This is the character you will see alongside the player at the start of the quiz and at the end to present their score.

How does it work?

Navigate to the Details tab of a Gamebrain in the LMS. Under the default host avatars, there will be an option to ‘Select User’. You will be presented with a list of users within your reporting scope that already have an avatar in Gamebrain. Select the user you want as the host. The host will display as this user when playing this game in the Gamebrain App.

Who can use it?

Administrators and Content Creators who have access to our Gamebrain app can create and edit Gamebrains in the LMS. Users create their own avatars within the Gamebrain app.

Release Version:


Launch Activities from Email Reminders without logging in

To make it easier for staff to launch content, the activity link within an email reminder can now launch activities directly without having to first log in.

How does it work?

The Launch Activity Link will, by default, ask the user to log in to the LMS prior to launching an activity. If you enable this new feature, the user will be taken directly to the activity without needing to log in first.

Enable the “Allow users to launch the activity without logging in via an Email Reminder” option on the Email Reminders tab. When writing your email reminder, include the Launch Activity Link into the body of the email from the Message Field options.

If your users access the LMS via single-sign on, this feature is not applicable as users will already bypass the log in screen.

Who can use it?

Administrators and Line Managers can create Email Reminders in the administration area of an activity.

Release Version: 9.4.20

Include off-the-shelf courses in your Mandatory Training categories

To enable you to have more control over the content you subscribe to from Access we have enabled the Advanced Settings tab for content. With this option now available, content can be tagged to Mandatory Training categories, CPD can be amended and Self Registration can be enabled or disabled.

How does it work?

Navigate to the Advanced Settings tab within an activity’s administration area then amend the settings as appropriate.

Untick Self Registration Enabled if you do not want the activity to appear in Find Learning. This is useful if you want to hide particular activities from appearing within a catalogue as they are not relevant to your organisation.

Mandatory Training Categories can be created in Site Settings and will then be available on the Advanced Settings tab.

The CPD, registration and language options are also available on this tab by default.

Who can use it?

For Full Access LMS customers. Super Administrators will be able to access the Advanced Settings Tab on off-the-shelf course.

Release Version: 9.4.8

Reset or overwrite Certificate expiry dates

You can now extend the dates of certificates for specific users by manually overwriting them. If you amend the date on the certificate in Certificates tab, you can also recalculate the date for users from their Completion date.

How does it work?

Certificates can be set up to be awarded upon completion of the activity. You can do this in the Certificates tab in the activity’s administration area.

To overwrite or recalculate an amendment to the certificate date, navigate to the Users tab, select the user(s) that you wish to amend the date for then choose Set Expiry Date from the Actions dropdown menu. You can choose to calculate the expiry from the completion date or manually override it.

Who can use it?

Content Creators, Administrators and Super Admins will be able to amend the certificate dates for users.

Release Version:


Access Learning Administrators can share YouTube or Wistia videos

To support companies working from home during Covid we've expanded our video integration functionality to all our customer sites. Administrators on any site can share relevant learning resources and company updates via the LMS by linking to a video hosted on YouTube or Wistia. This video will bookmark if the staff member needs to pause it and tracks the viewing time for CPD.

How does it work?

Administrators and Content Creators can click on the Video tile in the Create tab. Paste in the link to your YouTube or Wistia video then edit the details and register to your users as you would any other activity.

Who can use it?

Access Learning and Lite Administrators and Content Creators using shared portals such as ComplianceServe or LegalServe.

Release Version: 9.4.28

Use a data feed to archive an Organisation and its Users

If you have an Organisation on your site that needs to be archived along with all the users, it is now possible to do this via a data feed.

How does it work?

A Solutions Delivery Manager will work with you to create your transform file and schedule it to run as a data import at a time convenient for you. When the data import runs, it will archive the organisation as well as all the users that sit inside it.

Who can use it?

This task would need to be set up by a Solutions Delivery Manager. Therefore, please contact your Account Manager if you would like to use this functionality.

Release Version:


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