Additional content added to the M&HF Suite


Building on the successful launch of our new Mortgage and Home Finance (M&HF) pathways, we’ve been busy creating an additional pathway exploring the vital elements when interacting with customers.

In a new pathway entitled ‘Customer Interactions’ we’re providing content that complements what we’ve already released and looks at the following vital areas related to customers:

  • Treating customers fairly (TCF)
  • Dealing with vulnerable customers
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Knowing what to watch out for with regard to fraud.

Specifically, the new pathway looks at the links between conduct risk and TCF and outlines how the six TCF outcomes work in practice. It also shows you how to identify potentially vulnerable consumers and use recognised tips to manage them effectively. There’s also a look at what constitutes a complaint, an eligible complainant and the required timescales for handling a complaint. Finally, we examine fraud and how to stop or minimise it, both at the individual and large-scale levels.

As with other pathways, the new pathway is built in our eCreator 2 template. It also follows the same style as other M&HF pathways with its fun graphics, interactivity, videos and the functionality for administrators to print the course to a PDF.

For more information about our Mortgage and Home Finance Suite, talk to your Account Manager or get in contact with us here.

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