Administrator Handovers: a checklist


Being an Administrator for your Access LMS means that you are responsible for the day-to-day running of the platform. As part of your role you will probably follow certain processes for rolling out learning to your organisation and managing your users. Over time you may have created a number of helpful reports and set them up to be sent to key stakeholders at certain times of the month. But have you thought about what happens when you need to pass the reins to a new Administrator?

Knowing key things like how registration rules are set up, and when scheduled reports are due to be sent, can really help the new Administrator hit the ground running.

They will need to know (if it isn’t them) who the key decision makers are for the LMS – is this HR, L&D or another department? Also consider if there are other Administrators responsible for different elements of managing the platform – make sure these people are aware of each other and what they will be doing on the system.

Ultimately, you want things to continue as normal for your platform users – the last thing a new Administrator needs is an influx of queries or to learn that something has stopped working.

The first port of call for any new Administrator should be our extensive KnowledgeBase, where you can find help articles on anything to do with the LMS aswell as plenty of chaptered videos and webinar recordings.

Use this blog post as a checklist for the next time you need to do a handover.

Automated Registration Rules and Email Reminders

Any Registration Rules you’ve created won’t stop running once you have left the organisation. However, now’s a good time to review if they are still needed. If you don’t need them anymore, make sure to cancel them. If they need to keep running, make sure that the new Administrator is aware of when the rules run and for what reason. They’ll also need to know how to amend and cancel the rules, and how to create new ones in the future.

If you have a schedule for rolling out your training throughout the year, make sure your new Administrator is aware of the schedule and any upcoming training. Are reports required to track completion and assessment scores?

The same goes for Email Reminders – the new Administrator will need to know what emails are scheduled to go out, when, and what criteria will trigger them. Do you have email templates you follow when rolling out new learning? Do you always set up the same types of email reminder for each activity? For example, confirmation email, reminder n. days before the due date, on the due date and after the due date?

Organisation Structure

Does the new Administrator understand how users are organised on the LMS? Is the hierarchy based on location, department, or something else? Understanding the organisation hierarchy is key when it comes to rolling out training via registration rules and creating reports.

If the new Administrator is going to be creating new users they will need to know which Organisation Unit to add them to.


Have you created any useful reports that the new Administrator will need to be able to run and make amendments to? If so, make sure that you have shared the report with them.

Consider who needs to see the reports and for what reason. Are they just shared with Line Managers or are they shared at board meetings?

Have you created any Scheduled Report Emails? These will continue to run even if your account has been archived from the LMS, however, other administrators won’t be able to view what reports have been scheduled. The email signature will also contain your name and contact details. As best practice to avoid confusion, we recommend deleting these and have the new Administrator recreate them on their own account.


Consider if you have any naming or code conventions for content you create. These might be important for reporting purposes, or if you have created questions within a Question Bank which are linked to activities via their activity code.

If you’ve purchased content from us, is your subscription due to expire in the near future? If so, make sure that the new Administrator knows not to register users to the content if it is likely to expire before they can complete it.

Take a look at our new course catalogue for full details of our eLearning range. The catalogue explains the target sector and job roles for each course, allowing you to map your learning strategy to meet your organisational and compliance needs.

Data Feed (if applicable)

If you have a data feed in place, make sure that the new Administrator is aware of when it runs and what its purpose is.

User auto-archiving

If you have an auto-archiving strategy enabled, make sure the new Administrator is aware of how this works. If they are going to be a Super Administrator, make them aware of where this feature is managed (in Site Settings).

Having a formal handover ensures that the new Administrator can hit the ground running and that your LMS Users’ experience continues to be a seamless and positive one.

You might also want to….

  • Share the link to this blog with the new Administrator.
  • Read our Help Guide which summarises the above tips and considerations.
  • Introduce the new Administrator to their Access Account Manager.
  • Point the new Administrator in the direction of our pre-recorded webinars covering a variety of key Administrator topics, to help them get started with their new LMS.
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