Advice Matters

Advice Matters

The CPD Solution For Financial Professionals free to all ComplianceServe and Access LMS customers

Many roles within financial services now have a requirement for CPD. In fact most firms and the regulators would agree, that it is paramount for anyone working in the industry to complete a certain level of CPD, to remain competent in their role. Advice Matters is an effective and accessible resource through your LMS solution, to provide 6 hours CPD per year towards your agreed target.

With up-to-date regulatory and technical knowledge, Advice Matters can positively impact your ability to do your job and can give your company a sustainable and competitive advantage.

You should know if you’re required to complete CPD annually but if you:

  • advise and give recommendations on certain products within financial services;
  • deal with and oversee financial service products;
  • and/or, manage investments, you will be required to complete CPD.
  • Senior managers and certified individuals also need to evidence CPD. Advice Matters helps you to understand the broader financial service sectors - not just the one you work in.


  • Regulatory updates - Keeping you informed of the changes to regulations that effect your work practices.
  • Technical knowledge - Aspects of technical knowledge are addressed to keep you up to date, enabling you to have better conversations with your clients.
  • Skills based topics - Articles to help you be confidently capable and competent within your job role.
  • Tested and verified - Each edition comes with an assessment based on the publication that will evidence that you have developed your knowledge and skills to accredit the CPD.
  • Every edition is aligned to the ApEx standards, summarised with a review demonstrating the learning outcomes and standards covered.

  • Free to all ComplianceServe and Access LMS customers

    You will find Advice Matters in the ‘Advice Matters’ category in ‘Find Learning’ on ComplianceServe or your LMS. To assign Advice Matters to colleagues, follow the instructions that can be found here: https://help.unicornlms.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004673505-Registrations-in-the-LMS

    Click Here to Download the Advice Matters Brochure


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