Advice Matters - FREE with every Unicorn LMS

Advice Matters - FREE with every Unicorn LMS

In conjunction with our partners at FSTP we are delighted to launch Advice Matters - a FREE monthly e-briefing available via our ComplianceServe platform.

It’s a known fact that business priorities often lead to limited time for personal development in financial services. Other areas of CPD often take precedence when in reality it is the enhancement of employees' knowledge that makes the real difference to customers and thus increases financial soundness both in and outside of the sector.

Each edition of Advice Matters contains a number of articles written by industry experts, that combine knowledge and skills-related topics with technical and regulatory updates. Every edition is aligned to the ApEx standards, with a review at the end to show the learning outcomes and standards covered. Accompanying the publication are associated questions and answers to help test and verify knowledge. As the publication carries structured CPD accredited by the LIBF, the time spent (up to 1 hour) will be logged upon passing.

Here is everything you need to know:

  • It's FREE to all Unicorn customers via your LMS.
  • It will auto-launch on ComplianceServe on the 21st June 2019 (Administrators – find out how you can register users here).
  • If you have a single tenancy Unicorn LMS please contact your Account Manager to find out how you can get Advice Matters for you and your staff.
  • You will find Advice Matters in the in the Advice Matters category in Find Learning. Once users have read the e-briefing they will need to mark it as complete.
  • The publication is accredited for 1 hour of structured CPD, however CPD time will vary depending on your setup e.g. those that have time logged will get just time spent on the publication and question and answers.
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