And before we know it we are halfway through the year!

Unicorn Training Quarter 2 Update

So much has happened in this quarter.

The GDPR has been LIVE for a month (watch out for those compliance reviews coming soon) and is already changing, with the ICO announcing that the Data Protection Act 2018 must be read alongside the third generation of data protection law; work in compliance is never done!

So, let’s take a comprehensive look at what we’ve been up to this quarter to help your learners with compliance training…

Moving in to the post GDPR world we have launched our new General Data Protection course. We are particularly proud of this one as it is the first course we have created using our newly enhanced ‘integrated’ authoring tool eCreator 2!

The course has already received great feedback - being rated at over 4.2 out of 5 by our clients' learners.

When we launched the course, we set out a recommended strategy to follow to replace the old DPA and GDPR courses within your pathways; see HERE for more details.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the course by searching for ‘General Data Protection’ within the ‘Find Learning’ area of your Unicorn LMS.

If you like what you see and want to create your own content in this style, click here to view our Introduction to eCreator Webinar

Talking about content, we have updated over a dozen courses this quarter too. From updates to regulation and legislation to applying better learning design; we have been endeavouring to make our courses that little bit better for the learner experience. We also have some brand new courses available and our content partners have also added new courses and updated others. Click here to download an overview of what’s changed in our Off-the-shelf Courses.

What else are we doing?

We are redesigning our current Mortgage and Home Finance courses into a condensed yet comprehensive suite of learning. This will provide information that not only complies with regulation but also features a number of practical case studies, where learners can apply knowledge and learn best practices.

Our anticipated launch date is Q4 2018 so watch this space for more information coming soon.

Coinciding with the release of eCreator 2, we have been reviewing our approach to learning design. We are taking on board all your feedback, industry recognised best practices and makes sure that our content is as accessible to all, no matter what their learning abilities are.

Looking forward…

As well as all that, we are also planning ahead too. The SM&CR extension will affect many of you in December this year. We will be helping you by updating our related content to reflect the most up-to-date guidance from the regulator. We are aiming for an October/November launch so you are ahead of the game.

We will also be running some webinars over the coming months. Please click here to view the schedule.

And lastly… Coming soon to a Unicorn LMS near you!

AML training with a difference........

"Hi, I’m agent Y, we are looking to recruit trainee agents for our Money Laundering Taskforce. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. I am hoping to recruit all of your work colleagues too.
Let me tell you about our latest case.

'The Chameleon’, is a sophisticated criminal who specialises in laundering the proceeds of crime. We call this person ‘The Chameleon’ because they have so many aliases and changing faces, that they blend into the background. This means they can hide in plain sight.

They could be the person you sat next to on the train this morning, or that you passed in the street. They could be a work colleague or even one of your customers. What could you do to stop the Chameleon laundering money through your organisation? Could you spot the signs and stop the crimes?”

Look out for our release notes on this upcoming course

And finally... Resilia, MicroLearn and VideoArts all have new and updated courses this quarter. You can check them out in our accompanying PDF. Click here to download an overview of what's changed in our Off-the-shelf Courses


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