BLOG: Are You Safe From Cyber Criminals? Probably Not As Safe As You Think…

T-C News Front Cover January 2016

As Dido Harding, TalkTalk CEO, described cybercrime as “the crime of our generation,” Unicorn's Mark Jones talks cyber resilience ahead of Learning Technologies 2016.

Tucked away in the Chancellor’s 2015 Spending Review and Autumn Statement before Christmas was a little, but not insignificant nugget, that would have been missed by most commentator.


The government is committing £1.9bn by 2020 to support a comprehensive programme of cyber security prevention measures.

Recent high profile cases, including TalkTalk and VTech, have again highlighted how the cost of cyber security breaches is rising dramatically. Yet too often technology is still seen as the solution, when in reality it’s regularly reported upwards of 90% of successful breaches are down to human error.

In the wake of their breach, Dido Harding, TalkTalk CEO, described cybercrime as “the crime of our generation,” and moves like the Government’s budget pledge merely serve to reinforce her view.


Last summer, we partnered with AXELOS – a joint venture between the UK Government and Capita plc – to help raise awareness of the critical importance of staff engagement in countering the threat of cyber crime following the launch of AXELOS’s RESILIA Cyber Resilience Best Practice portfolio.

The aim was to provide a platform – SkillsServe - for RESILIA’s suite of cyber resilience learning modules to help address an issue that is infinitely more about people and training than computers and technology. Critically SkillsServe’s ISO 27001 security rating confirms its status as a secure portal, free of the vulnerabilities experienced by other open source, higher risk solutions, while SkillsServe’s position as the World’s top LMS for financial services adds further credibility the learning.

In this month’s T-C News, Unicorn’s Commercial Director Mark Jones analyses how effective and engaging training can help firms better manage their ever-changing cyber risks.

Backed by the expert insight of Nick Wilding, Head of Cyber Resilience, AXELOS Global Best Practice, Mark observes how “no matter what you’re doing to improve cyber resilience and raising the awareness, skills and insight amongst all your staff you can never do enough,” before concluding, “The impact of not engaging all your people is too great a risk to take for most - are you ready to make a change?”

You can read the full article by downloading the January edition of T-C News here (password required).

Meanwhile if you want to learn more about getting your staff up to speed with cyber resilience come and see us at Learning Technologies 2016 conference and exhibition, at Olympia, London on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 February, where Unicorn will be on Stand P14. Register for free entry to the Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills 2016 exhibitions and seminars at www.learningtechnologies.co.uk


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