BLOG: Craig Weiss On What Makes a NextGen LMS

BLOG: Craig Weiss On What Makes a NextGen LMS Last week our own LMS, SkillsServe, was ranked top LMS for the financial services sector in Craig Weiss' 'LMS Mid Year 2014 Rankings Report', which reviewed over 600 platforms and ranked according to capabilities, features, design, support and service, and future thinking. In Part 2 of his NextGen LMS Conference blog, Unicorn's Stuart Jones discusses Craig's talk on the future of the LMS.  craig weissCraig Weiss is the eLearning and LMS guru who has reviewed many learning management systems over the years and has a very high success-rate at predicting future trends. There are now over 600 learning management systems available in the market, with at least one new system a week popping up. Craig looked at what it means to be a next generation learning management system in his expert opinion. The key things he is looking for include:
  • Very modern user interface
  • They go the extra mile
  • Robust feature set with a sprinkling of the unique
  • Adaptable and early adopters
  • “They get it”
The overriding theme of Craig’s talk was that learning should be fun and learning management systems need to be fun to use, whether you are the learner or the administrator. Hence personalisation, great user experience (UX) and great value are all important as well as being a professional and robust solution. What is true is that 90% of all learning management system functionality is the same from one system to another, whether a large million dollar or open source learning management system. The main differentiation comes in the remaining 10% that they do differently – do they have gamification, offline courses with syncing, API support, and integration with third party services? weiss_cropCustomer service continues to been a problem across the LMS industry. All too many companies woo their potential clients then forget to look after them once the deal is done. It is really important to continue to build the relationship, to make it strong and retain customers for the right reasons. Craig discussed a number of learning management systems doing things right today, such as Growth Engineering, Expertus One, FrogLearn and Docebo – all have their niches and target audience, which is part of the reasons for their success. For the final part of the session we had a table discussion about what does everyone want from a learning management system a year from now? Not all of the answers were traditional LMS answers but it was interesting to see the theme nonetheless:
  • Fun content
  • Multiple ways of consuming content.
  • Different options available - including face to face, online for same topic
  • Experiences, how did someone handle a scenario?
  • Learning Mastery
  • Social learning
So from the table at least, content is still king. How can the LMS help provide better, relevant content in a way that is easy to learn and retain? Perhaps the traditional LMS is ironically too detached from the content it is providing? Will the LMS still be a viable platform for eLearning in 2020? Last autumn, we welcomed Craig Weiss to London for a one-off 'eLearning 2020' event. Here are his thoughts on LMS' into the future. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtmxpE7FnKw *Take a look at our SkillsServe demo amongst the LMS demos on Craig's website here TOMORROW: Stuart looks at NextGenLMS's thoughts on Gamification MISS PART 1? BLOG: Just Do It! Stuart Jones Goes Inside NextGen LMS

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