BLOG: Forget Just 2014, Here's 6 Things We Foresee For Next 25 Years!

BLOG: Forget Just 2014, Here's 6 Things We Foresee For Next 25 Years! crystal ballLooking into a crystal ball is a favourite at this time of year. What will 2014 bring? What fads and trends can we expect over the next 12 months that will revolutionise our lives? What will we have fallen by the wayside by this time next year? At Unicorn we like to look a bit further ahead, so make a note of these six predictions for the next 25 years and get ready to play prediction bingo as each one comes off! 1) Holograms in learning – chatting to a virtual figure at your desk instead of watching a video on screen. Taking interactive case studies to another level. 2) No one will need to wear glasses - cosmetic surgery will become increasingly ‘walk in’ and prices will come down. Things like laser eye surgery will be commonplace. Instead glasses will morph into wearable technology. Mind that lamppost as you walk down the street watching One Direction in four dimensions... 3) 3D gaming – heard of Oculus Rift yet? It won’t be long if not. The latest virtual reality headset that puts you right in the middle of the game when combined with mobile capture of consoles like Xbox One Kinect, gaming will become completely immersive. There are obvious and exciting implications for learning here. Even NASA has started experimenting with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqNC72fgetc 4) Halting degenerative diseases and healing injuries – using advances in nanotechnology to enable surgeons to put ‘scaffolding’ into bodies around which the body can use its natural repair functions to keep people fit and well. Football managers will probably be the biggest investors. 5) 3D printers – already around but could revolutionise manufacturing whether it’s someone ordering a new pair of jeans to wear out that night or rural businesses getting equipment they would normally wait weeks for. Not sure they will take replace the human race as our CEO, Peter Phillips, predicted though. He was joking by the way…....well we hope so! In the meantime check out this story on a 3D printer that can create a chocolate sculpture of your face. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FUq_2IU2Uo 6) Child brain chipping – kids downloading revision GCSE material direct into their brain via microchip sounds a great idea. If that chip could include GPS tagging to keep track of them via apps even better! It would of course disintegrate at 18..…. Find out what else we think will happen – silly and serious – by 2040 here

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