BLOG: How do you build a serious game? Like this!

BLOG: How do you build a serious game? Like this! AbbGame_MockupScreen_MilkFloatHow do you create a serious game? Codename ‘Project #P2L’, with Amuzo Games we're developing a game to show you just how easy it is to produce powerful interactive learning games that can greatly benefit the approach your company takes to L&D. Amuzo's Hannah explains all.....press 'Play' to start. Rewind ‘Project #P2L’ = a game designed to teach and help people memorise sets of abbreviations. The game will be interchangeable to fit any theme to suit the specific needs of the consumer. This could be anything from marketing acronyms to insurance industry abbreviations and anywhere in between. You can read more about this in an earlier blog 'Play to learn: the impact of serious games'. Game time keep-calm-because-yolo-24Staying true to our own motto of ‘fun first’, I’ll explain the concept using a not-so-serious serious game example. Let’s paint a theoretical picture: You’re a parent. You’re totally out of touch with the youth of today. You have a teenager. When they text you they seem to be speaking code. You’ve told them they can’t go out tonight because it’s a weekday, the reply: “OMG you’re so weird LOL. I’m going anyway YOLO!” You have absolutely no idea what the abbreviations mean but you need to find out. Now here’s how Project #P2L can help you out without you seeming totally uncool and unknowledgable . . . How it works Project #P2L is a fast-paced racing game designed for mobile and tablets. Your vehicle will drive itself forward but it’s your job to instruct it when to change lanes. AbbGame_MockupScreen_MilkFloat_scoreBefore the vehicle sets off, and again at various points throughout the game, you will be shown phrases that can be abbreviated to an acronym, for example 'Laugh Out Loud'. The aim of the game is to collect the letters that form the abbreviations shown. Every few metres you will encounter a row of letters blocking your path, one letter in the row will always be correct and your goal is to collect them in the right order. To get the highest score you must travel as far as you can before time runs out. Abbreviations collected in the correct order will gain you extra time, however you will be penalised for wrong abbreviations. Collecting the wrong letters will restart the abbreviation. This game idea has been designed primarily as a learning aid to enhance and improve the training of staff in the corporate sector. Pause In Part 3 of the Project #P2L blog series we will delve deeper into the design process - from the logistics of how it will work to the overall look of the game.

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