BLOG: ‘The Business of Bespoke’

BLOG: ‘The Business of Bespoke’ peterscreengrabThe growth of commercial eLearning from a small fragmented cottage industry into today’s much larger fragmented cottage industry has evolved around two models – Bespoke and Off The Shelf. Today marks the launch of our new 25th anniversary special digital publication, produced in conjunction with eLearning Age, Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, examines ‘The Business of Bespoke.’ Here is a taste of what Peter has to say - to read the full article check out our 25 years digital publication here. "Why are there so few global players in the eLearning development field? "One key factor is the low entry barriers. These have made for plenty of competition, but also driven down margins and, in the longer term, that constrains growth. "Another is the low switching costs for customers. Bespoke companies need a constant stream of new business and when switching costs are low and price competition fierce, this is not a recipe for stable growth. "Over the past decade better communications have exposed providers to global competition, most notably from India, resulting in further downward pressure on prices. "Unfortunately potential cost savings from offshore and crowd based sourcing are rarely fully realised as the reduced direct costs can be outweighed by additional management costs in ensuring that quality, creativity and cultural relevance are not compromised." Peter goes on to discuss the rise of rapid development, merger mania, mould breakers and thoughts for the future. To keep reading click here.... Once you've read the article why not come back and comment here or let us know what you think by tweeting us @unicorntraining

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