BLOG: When You Wish Upon A Star….Predicting The Future

BLOG: When You Wish Upon A Star….Predicting The Future


For the final part of our special 25th anniversary digital publication, in conjunction with eLearning Age, we've taken the opportunity to star gaze. We've looked back at some of the things predicted throughout the past 25 years and which came off, plus those things took off rapidly with little warning as to their impact yet revolutionised the world as we know it. Our staff have come up with their top 25 predictions for the next 25 years across technology, celebrity, medicine, politics and a whole lot more. Do you think 3D printers will become commonplace in every household and office? Will Boris be leading the country in 2038? Will we all be micro-chipping our kids and watching TV with plug-ins direct to our brains? Some of our lot think so! So find out what else they predict and whether you agree with them by checking out our fully interactive predication 'advent calendar' in our 25 years digital publication here - Flash-version of our 25 years digital publication - or visit the eLearning Age website here for links to iOS and Android apps. Once you've read the article why not come back and comment here or let us know what you think by tweeting us @unicorntraining

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