BLOG: Why Is Unlocking Leadership Key To Building Cultures?

BLOG: Why Is Unlocking Leadership Key To Building Cultures?

Every day at Unicorn we help other companies achieve their organisational aims through implementing learning that embeds desired behaviours, practices and cultures amongst staff while also helping them meet their regulatory, legal and compliance needs.

But we can only do that successfully if our own behaviours and practices within Unicorn are also reflecting the company culture that has made us, well, us.

So how do we make sure the family ethic that has helped Unicorn grow to 90+ staff across our Bournemouth and London offices over the past few years is complemented by continually building a high performance culture internally too?

Enter Todd Eden and the LeadNow programme…

“As we grew we wanted to make sure we didn’t fall into the classic growth traps such as disconnected directors, employees feeling disempowered, inter-team tension, communication levels reduced, etc,” explains Jackie Kennedy, Unicorn Training COO.

“We needed a solution that would help us to avoid these and take us to the next level. We felt our great ‘family feel’ was getting stretched. Leadership capability in all areas and at all levels is critical to growth, and we needed a solution that was both engaging and impactful.”

Why LeadNow?


LeadNow's Todd Eden

The LeadNow programme is enabling Unicorn team members to lead themselves, one another and groups.

Over the course of a two-day event, team members discover...

  • self-awareness,
  • how coaching can help day-to-day
  • the importance of understanding others
  • how they lead themselves
  • they understand their values and beliefs more deeply
  • how to affect their attitudes,
  • how to better relate to colleagues, clients and everyone else they meet

Jackie continues: “Todd initially worked with a group of 20 Unicorn directors, line managers, and team members on a two-day workshop, which was followed up six months later with a one-day leadership-in-action revitaliser.

“However, we quickly realised this unique event would benefit everyone in the business and we now intend to put all employees through this programme in the coming months.”

Each subject is explored via stimulating presentations, experiential learnings, individual reflection and socialisation; enabling each participant to develop their own personal views. The structure is simple - after an introduction to leadership there are three modules – 1) leading self, 2) leading others and 3) leading groups, followed by a planning session.

Here is some of the feedback from our impressed Unicorn’s so far…

"An awesome workshop that I would recommend to anyone.”

“Thank-you for an amazing two days. I've realised some huge aspects I need to work on with self-awareness / reflection and look forward to building on that!”

“I wasn’t expecting it, but it was a life changing event.”

Team members have reported that they can talk more freely and are better connected with themselves and other team members. Difficult conversations became easier, and the change in behaviours of the participants has rubbed off on their colleagues too.

Jackie concludes: “We’ve just had really great feedback and everyone enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot about themselves. Todd has this flow of activities, which build trust and depth of self-awareness. He’s also really skilled at weaving in the specific goals we had requested. A thoroughly recommended event, well, experience really!”

As an award-winning provider of L&D and compliance solutions for the UK’s ever-changing financial services industry, Unicorn's talents combine 28 years’ learning knowhow with superb creativity, reliability and security endorsed by numerous large organisations and professional bodies.

For more information about LeadNow visit www.leadnow.net

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