Can I change behaviour with eLearning? Compliance beyond training

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In the Financial Services world every organisation aiming to achieve FCA compliance regularly sets training for their employees, so why is it that firms are still getting fined for non-compliant behaviour? There is a marked difference between ensuring training is completed (a tick box exercise) and actually ensuring training is embedded, understood and implemented by employees.

Whilst compliance training can often be seen as a boring and mandatory task, it doesn't have to be something your employees rush through and don't actually take in or implement when working. Quite often employees are told they've not followed the right process or procedure and don't even realise they've made a mistake. On the face of it, you might wonder why - they've received their training on this new update so why have they made an error?

In the Financial Services industry it's so critical firms are providing interesting and engaging training to their employees, and that training is implemented in day-to-day work life. So how can firms change their employee's behaviour through the use of eLearning?

Just in time videos - close knowledge gaps and make your employees empowered

Product and process knowledge gaps can be reduced or eliminated through the use of ‘just in time’ videos. These point of need videos are available when they are needed and guide an employee through specific issues or queries they are trying to work out. Just in time videos should be short, sharp and engaging – resolving specific queries or problems. A good way to understand frequent process and product knowledge gaps is through your QA process, internal technical support team or team leader population. They are on the front line and dealing with these queries on a daily basis.

Serious games – get employees excited about learning whilst they retain more information

Using serious games to deliver content is becoming more popular. Serious games can make content more engaging, memorable and exciting. Most people are familiar with playing games in some description, which means they will feel comfortable learning in this format. If you keep the formula familiar but change the content to deliver your compliance training it is more likely your employees will pay attention, have a better understanding of the training and implement what they have learnt.

Engaging content – keep them interested in what's being delivered

It goes without saying, to try and change employees behaviours the content you are delivering must be engaging and compelling. If someone is trying to get through the training as quickly as possible, without paying attention to what they are learning about and practising a tick box exercise you will not be able to successfully change behaviour. The use of videos, a range of colours, music and humour can all help greatly.

Microlearning – bite-sized, digestible chunks of learning

Microlearning is a great way to deliver any type of training. Short, bite-sized and digestible pockets of information delivered through video. It may sound impossible to fit all the information you need into a couple of minutes, but you’d be surprised just how much content can fit into that amount of time when you're using video. If you are trying to deliver training about a complex subject you can always create a series of eLearning titles, each delivered in a microlearning format that the learner works their way through.

Apps – learning on the go, through different devices

Apps go hand-in-hand with a lot of what we’ve discussed above. Microlearning, just in time videos and serious games are best placed in the hands of the learner, literally. Making sure your content is available on different devices for those who prefer to learn using their mobiles is key in today's digital world. Mobile first content for eLearning means that learners can choose when and where to learn, providing them with flexibility.

Behavioural change happens when learners are engaged and taking in the information they are learning. By providing your learners with a modern approach to learning, similar to as they use in their everyday social lives is key. It's easy to understand how this approach works when you relate it back to learning in a social context. Think about how you find out information at home with friends or family. For most people they whip out their mobiles and Google it, often looking at YouTube videos which show them what to do. What do these social learning videos offer? Microlearning, just in time, (most of the time) engaging content and sometimes even through the use of games.

If you look at how you currently deliver training does it fit into any of these categories or are you still delivering training through the use of lengthy eLearning courses, PowerPoint presentations or classroom-based learning? Besides the opportunity to change learners behaviours through the use of interesting and engaging content, there are also cost and time-saving benefits too. It’s a well-known fact eLearning videos can deliver content in a much cheaper, quicker and time efficient way than delivering the same information in the training room.

Are you taking your first step towards behavioural change in your organisation? If not what’s stopping you from taking a step towards compliance in your company today.


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