Combating Market Abuse Update

Combating Market Abuse

With market abuse an ever prevalent threat, we’ve been busy revisiting our material on this subject to ensure it provides the best snapshot of how an individual can combat this financial crime.

To help the learning experience, rather than changing what we’ve got, we’ve given the material a more fundamental overhaul, for example we’ve changed the order of the activities into what we think is now a more logical flow, bearing in mind what’s now involved with this subject.

Then, we’ve also added two interactive videos for you, to highlight the various types of market abuse. Further down the line, these can of course also be used as valuable standalone refreshers.

Finally, while doing all this, we’ve also taken the opportunity to streamline some of the wording (although what it says remains the same).

So there’s no technical change to the content here. However, in view of the extensive changes to the order, rather than updating an existing pathway, we’re putting this content in a new pathway.

As the old version of Combating Market Abuse is being archived, it will no longer be supported, updated or maintained. Where users have been registered to the legacy content, this will remain in users‘ ‘My Activities’ even after archiving. Users will either need to complete the activities or administrators will need to cancel the registrations. Find out how to cancel a user from an activity here

The legacy content will also remain in existing pathways, for example those created and used for induction, until they are removed. Find out about archiving activities here

You may also want to then add the new activities to those pathways. Find out how to add content to pathways here

Where learners have already completed these courses, the CPD achieved will remain.

If any assistance is required on any of these actions, please visit Unicorn Help or contact the team here.

If you do not subscribe to our GRC catalogue, please contact your Account Manager for more information about our Understanding vulnerable consumers course. Alternatively you can get in contact with us here: Unicorntraining.com (part of the Access Group) or get in touch at digitallearning@theaccessgroup.com or call us on 0800 055 6586.


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David Gristwood

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