Compliance training: part 1 - culture.


Next month Unicorn will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum where I'll also be presenting a seminar focused on Compliance Learning. In my latest blog series, I am publishing some extracts from this as a Compliance Training Strategy for Beginners.

Two things that don’t stay static – technology and regulatory compliance, so how do you keep up to date with both? Partner with Unicorn of course!

So whether you have a compliance training strategy or not, here are a few hints and tips to help you stay ahead in 2019.

Firstly, let me ask you a question… As someone who is responsible for training and learning in your firm, do you feel you have a culture that supports it? Whether you feel yes, no or maybe there are a few things you can do to help create or enhance it:

Culture breeds from top down, so if your senior leaders don’t believe in it, nor will your management team and thus nor will the rest of your workforce. What you need to do is influence. “How” I hear you say, well if you are already a Unicorn LMS customer then take a look at our content partner MicroLearn’s courses. They have some great content specifically around influencing and creating impact.

MicroLearn's Impact and Influence

Culture and Ethics from Unicorn's Fundamentals Suite

Do you have an induction? If so is training and learning mentioned in it? This is a great time to influence new colleagues about your firm’s culture and ethos – are you an FCA regulated firm? Then our course on Culture and Ethics will set the tone at this crucial early stage. Use inductions to highlight the importance of professional development (CPD) too. If you have them, link CPD to your firm’s values or even consider setting a companywide key performance indicator (KPI) on the amount of CPD required to evidence continuous development. Unicorn’s custom team have worked on some great online inductions, creating exciting collateral to engage new starters with your business so why not get in touch to see some examples of what can be achieved.
Succession plans and career development pathways are another great way to promote learning. For example, do you know who your future managers and leaders are and how will you get them ready for the roles? Via the Unicorn LMS you can subscribe to best in industry leadership and management training through both our content partners; MicroLearn - who have just launched a brand new Career Development suite, and Video Arts.

Ok, so you have nailed the learning culture - in my next blog I will look at how you deliver your training. There are many options open to you… face to face, internal, external, eLearning or a blended approach of all to name just a few.

I will be presenting "A practical guide to compliance learning" in Seminar Theatre One at 2.30pm on the 11th of July at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum.

You can also find Unicorn Training exhibiting on stand 15.

Click the link below to register now for free:


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