ComplianceServe Updates for May 2017: What’s New?

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We are pleased to confirm that the pathways below have been reviewed and updated where required. The main changes are summarised below together with the date when the updated pathways were published.

With Three Lines of Defence and The Basics of CASS, the pathway structure has been changed, so if these have already been assigned to learners you will need to use the “Publish Changes” feature in Content Manager to make the new pathway available. This is only necessary for learners who have these pathways in their learning plans and where the status is “not attempted” or “incomplete”.

For all other pathways, the updates will automatically overwrite the existing versions so learners will automatically see the latest content without intervention.

Introduction to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  • Amended the list of regulated activities to reflect that secured loans now fall under mortgage regulation, including first and second charges
  • Pension Wise added to the Regulatory Family module and a new section included
  • Amended to explain that MAS and FOS levies are funded by regulated firms
  • Wording changed to make it clear when the complainant may refer to FOS
  • Added the term Firm Systemic Framework under FCA supervision
  • Additional questions on Pension Wise, SMR and CR added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 19/03/2017

Introduction to the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)

  • No changes required to the content
  • Seven new questions added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 07/03/2017

Three Lines of Defence

  • No changes required to the content
  • Six new questions added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 19/05/2017

Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls

  • Amended reference to common platform firms
  • Changes to the section on Whistleblowing to reflect the Sep 16 changes in regulation
  • Eight new questions added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 09/03/2017

Approved Persons

  • No changes required to the content
  • Seven new questions added to the question bank
  • Last reviewed 07/03/2017

Introduction to the BCOBS and PSRs (Banks and Building Societies)

  • Removed reference to TCF outcomes and Banking Code (no longer relevant)
  • Updated reference to Senior Managers Regime
  • Three new questions added to the questions bank
  • Last reviewed 24/03/2017

Consumer Credit Regulations (motor finance and personal credit)

  • Description of vulnerable clients and High Net Worth customers amended to provide clarity
  • No further substantive changes required
  • Last reviewed 07/03/2017

Financial Crime: the basics

  • Updates to the Whistleblowing procedures and alignment to UK law regarding the protection of people when they raise concerns and the firm's obligations
  • Last reviewed 02/02/2017

Fighting Fraud

  • Financial crime statistics updated to reflect the current position
  • Last reviewed 07/03/2017

Money Laundering and how you can prevent it

  • Amended threshold on occasional transactions in line with the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive
  • Retail banking case study updated to reflect a breach of the conduct rules under the individual accountability framework
  • Last reviewed 02/02/2017

MLRO The Role of the Money Laundering Reporting Officer

  • Updated in line with the 4th EU money laundering directive
  • Last reviewed 19/05/2017

The Basics of CASS

  • Updated web links added
  • Last reviewed 19/05/2017


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