ComplianceServe Updates for Q3: What’s New?

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We are pleased to confirm that the courses below have been reviewed, and where appropriate they will be updated with new versions issued no later than September 30th 2016.

With the exceptions of Cybercrime and Senior Managers Regime – where we have restructured the content – the new versions will overwrite the current courses, so learners will automatically see the latest versions where these have already been assigned.

Financial Crime: the basics

The Market Abuse section required an update ahead of the introduction of the new Market Abuse Regulations on July 3rd, so we took the opportunity to review the entire course and released an updated version last month.

The sections on money laundering, fraud, bribery and sanctions required no updates.

Fighting Fraud

The whistleblowing section will be updated to reflect the new regulations which come into force later this month and will include new content in relation to the Libor scandal as an example of market abuse.

MLRO The role of the Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Money laundering and terrorist financing is on the increase and therefore the role of the MLRO in the three lines of defence, which should be operated in all financial services firms, is more important than ever before. Given the size of the problem and the heightened focus on the MLRO’s responsibilities, we are adding further information aligned to the regulatory requirements.

With the current global situation, we felt it important to ensure that the definition of a PEP covered all areas.We have also referenced some external sources of further information.

Conduct Risk & Treating Customers Fairly

It has not been necessary to make any significant changes and the course continues to meet the current requirements.

Risk Management

The course remains fit for purpose, however, further questions are being added to the question bank to challenge learners in their understanding of the content.

Senior Managers Regime

The course continues to reflect the regulations and the content needs no updating. However, it is being restructured so that the four topics contained within the eLearning activity will be separated into individual learning activities contained within their own pathway, accessed from the main pathway.

Where learners have already been assigned this course and have not completed it, administrators will need to use the “Publish Changes” function for the new course to become visible. For assistance in this, please refer to the article on Publishing Changes here, or contact the Helpdesk.

The new version of this course will be live by Monday 5th September.


The course continues to meet current requirements and needs no updating.

As with Senior Managers Regime, the eLearning activity is being split into three separate modules that will sit in their own pathway, so administrators will need to “Publish Changes” where learners have already been assigned this course and have not yet completed it.

The new version of this course will be live by Monday 5th September.

Mortgage & Home Finance

As a result of the European Mortgage Credit Directive and following further guidance from the FCA, we have reviewed all the mortgage and home finance courses and we are making a series updates to ensure the content continues to meet the regulatory requirements and reflect best practice.


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