Content News – Goodbye 2014; hello 2015

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As we wave goodbye to the old year and say 'Hello 2015', here's a roundup of what's been happening with ComplianceServe content recently.

Money laundering and how you can prevent it

Following the release of new programmes for Money laundering and how you can prevent it for Guernsey, Jersey, UAE and Gibraltar in October, we’ve now completed our post-launch review. The programmes have been updated by clarifying some wording and being more specific with terminology for each of the jurisdictions.

Thank you for getting in touch

In the last blog post we asked for your views on our content, and you responded! As a result we’ve released updated versions of Combating market abuse and Fighting fraud. There are no major changes to technical content, rather tightening up wording and clarifying content. If you’d like to share your views on our content, please send an email to Content@unicorntraining.com

Regular updates

We regularly review and update all our programmes to make sure they’re technically accurate and fit-for-purpose. Whistleblowing with confidence is the latest to be updated and is now live. Next on the list to be reviewed are:

  • Complaints and regulated firms
  • How to comply with the Data Protection Act
  • Information security


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