Culture and Ethics: Brand New Course Now Live

ComplianceServe Culture and Ethics eLearning Course

You can’t see culture, but you can certainly feel it – it is at the core of most businesses and it helps give identity to a business, even if it was unintended. Culture reflects the prevailing ideology that people carry in their heads and it conveys a sense of identity.

Organisational culture includes the organisation's vision, values and norms. It provides unwritten and often unspoken guidance for how to get along in the business and it affects the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders. It enhances stability or creates instability in an organisation.

This course is aimed at anyone working in financial services and will examine the role of culture in a regulatory environment.

The course is presented as a pathway with the following activities:

  • A short “teaser” video to raise awareness
  • eLearning modules explaining what is culture in business, how it is created, embedded and regulated
  • A summary of the key points for reinforcement and refresher training
  • A post-course assessment

The course will provide learners with up to 60 minutes of CPD.

The new course has been added to the ComplianceServe Fundamentals catalogue and is available from today.


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