Custom Fit and Custom Made eLearning

Custom Fit and Custom Made eLearning

We’re often asked by customers whether we are able to customise existing courses with their corporate identity or if we can create a bespoke course, tailored to a specific learning need. This is why we’re launching our Custom Fit and Custom Made eLearning packages; with all the ingredients to help you create perfect training courses for your audiences.

Choose from a perfect base of one of our 70+ ready-made courses and add your favourite toppings to make a Custom Fit course complete with your own branding; imagery; terminology and case studies, tailored to your organisation and your learners.

Alternatively, work with our expert team to cook up a brand new engaging and immersive Custom Made eLearning course from scratch. Custom Made courses are ideal for induction, product training or your organisation’s values, policies or procedures.

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