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In the wake of all the recent legislative changes, we are evolving our suite of data protection courses by combining them in to one new course called, ‘General Data Protection’.

The course will encompass all aspects of the existing DPA combined with new legislation under the GDPR - and will aggregate and streamline content from our existing Data Protection Act, GDPR Essentials and GDPR for Mangers titles.

The course will bring into focus the accountability of organisations and individuals within it, on ensuring subjects personal data is adequately protected as specified in data protection regulation through the application of:

  • Principles
  • Subjects' rights
  • Organisational obligations

In a nutshell

This new General Data Protection title contains the following sections: 1) Introduction to General Data Protection, 2) Data Protection in Practice, 3) Accountability & Governance, 4) Summary PDF 5) 10 question Assessment.

Including the assessment, this title gives one hour of CPD. It is aimed at everyone in the financial services industry who handles or processes customer and personal data.

At a glance: why we're replacing older courses

Here's just a quick run down of why we're updating our legacy data protection titles...

DPA 1998GDPR EssentialsGDPR for ManagersGeneral Data Protection
Out of date as no reference to new legislation under GDPRGDPR Essentials was designed to introduce learners to the GDPR and refers to it in the future tense.Designed for senior managers who are responsible for implementing organisational changes to be ready for 25th May 2018.
It is assumed that these activities will have been completed by this date.
This course is in the present tense and amalgamates relevant information from the aforementioned courses. This is achieved through the practical application of principles, subject’s rights, and organisational obligations; as specified in data protection regulation.
We have also included CTAs for users such as finding out internal processes and procedures that relate to data protection.

The course will be available to all customers from this month (May 2018). It is recommended that you make plans for replacing the existing titles (Data Protection Act, GDPR Essentials and GDPR Mangers) with the new ‘ General Data Protection’ course, in pathways for new and existing users (click here for help on how to do this).

How do I get this course?

We will be archiving the existing suite (Data Protection Act, GDPR Essentials and GDPR Mangers) from 1 st June 2018. Although these will be archived, they will remain in existing pathways and also in learners' ‘My Training Activities’ until either completed by the user or cancelled by Unicorn LMS administrators (click here for help on how to do this). Where learners have already completed these courses, the CPD achieved will remain.

If any assistance is required on any of these actions, please contact the Unicorn HelpDesk.


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