DevLearn, Las Vegas 2017 - The Exhibitors

The Las Vegas Strip as seen from the Cosmopolitan hotel with view onto Bellagio hotel and casino, Bellagio fountains, Paris hotel and casino, Caesars, and many others.

A key part of the DevLearn conference is the Expo hall. There were an overwhelming number of vendors this year, some old friends, familiar faces and some newbies.

Here is a quick summary of the exhibitors who caught our attention this year:

Sealworks Interactive Studios

Formed in 1992, by Kristina Veale and Nick Floro, Sealworks partner with clients to find innovative ways to deliver content from desktops to mobile devices. They offer services in content repurposing, creative ideas, video and animation development. Slickly designed mobile solutions to improve audience outcomes.

They have created a series of educational resource notebooks based on recent presentations. Find out more about Sealwoks here.

Flip Training

FLIP is providing an engaging learning and performance support app, delivering bite-sized pieces of information at the point of need. FLIP use a concise summary of information in a flip-card format, grouped into decks.

Here is why they believe they are different:

  • Ease of use
  • Real-time alerts
  • Robust search
  • Certification engine
  • Reports with LRS integration
  • Offline access

Well-designed interface, clear navigation, very nice approach, similar thinking to our minds-i product.

O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly is a long established company, 40 years in fact, but at DevLearn this year they are promoting their Safari training and learning platform. They cover retail, finance, technology, telecom/media and manufacturing. The difference with this particular platform is that they promote on-demand video and live online training events, which gives access to real-world experts on hot topics for hands-on support.

eLearning Brothers

The orange shirts and shoes were out in force! eLearning brothers had a really high profile at the event this year with their very own Rockstar stage! A variety of speakers delivered engaging sessions from ‘How to be a Rockstar Vendor’ to ‘Developing games in Storyline 3’. This company has grown significantly since its conception in 2010, they provide an excellent product set combined with great customer services. Always a pleasure to catch up with the eLearning Brothers and take a t-shirt off their hands!

One marked difference at this year’s conference was the high volume of LMS providers and a number that I would describe as small and slick. They appear to be having a great deal of success providing clean, simple (in every case mobile led) solutions that organisations are happy to use alongside their traditional LMS because they are able to offer a level of integration.

That’s it from me on DevLearn 2017, an excellent conference with lots of buzz. Time to be ‘Leaving Las Vegas!’

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