Did you know? Unicorn Tea Break Fun Facts!

Did you know? Unicorn Tea Break Fun Facts!

lynnefrancis_willis2-238x300Lynne Francis from Willis  proved to be teacher's pet ( ;-)) as she triumphed in the Unicorn Client Forum quiz last Thursday.

But what were the things she knew? Here are a few Unicorn fast facts to lighten your afternoon.....

  • 2,000 organisations have migrated to SkillsServe since its launch three years ago?
  • Unicorn celebrates its SILVER (25th) anniversary this year
  • The UK Headquarters of GOOGLE will soon be located across the road to the Forum venue at Kings Place Events
  • 800,000 assessments have been attempted by SkillsServe users in the past three years?
  • Unicorn currently works with 840 individual UK Financial Services organisations
  • Unicorn CEO Peter Phillips was formerly chairman of AFC Bournemouth football club
  • 71 people currently work at Unicorn

We hope that made your afternoon cuppa a bit more fun. Now get back to work!

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