eCreator: TogetherMoney’s Story

eCreator: TogetherMoney’s Story

In a recent blog, we discussed the benefits of adopting eCreator, our in-house authoring tool, into your company’s training practices. Integrated within our award-winning learning solutions, eCreator offers ease of use, intuitiveness and flexibility, giving companies the ability to be able to build their own courses, add their own branding and include their own policies, processes, procedures and product training into courses.

But don’t just believe what we say. Our customers at TogetherMoney are regular users of eCreator with their Learning and Development Consultant Richard Whitehead sharing with us his experience with the tool.

In the past, TogetherMoney would only use eLearning as a format for regulatory mandatory training. Richard, however, explains that with eCreator they have been able to “move towards a more blended approach, with colleagues getting the knowledge side of learning under their belts, before they attend a workshop.” Having learners already invested in the content proves invaluable, freeing up the time in a face-to-face scenario to conduct discussion and practical application which allows the learner to really see relevance of the content within the workplace.

Beyond simple linear training, eCreator opens up the opportunity to explore branching scenarios within your training, “the ability to manipulate what the ‘next’ button does, whilst playing around with hyperlinks, opens up all sorts of opportunities to direct learners based on their decisions.” Again, learners can gain insight into the application of the content within a work-based scenario.

eCreator’s capability of creating company specific themes and templates is a fundamental benefit to TogetherMoney. Richard says that “with eCreator, we’re in control of giving our programmes the look and the feel of our brand, while also getting creative and injecting fun.” And this is another key asset of eCreator. Richard explains that “the ‘blank page’ template gives you complete creative freedom. Combining this with your own generated images, icons and text, you can really create anything.” Used alongside our range of other templates, there is no need for every course to look and feel the same. Having creative control leads to more engaging and eye-catching content.

Though with any authoring tool there will be often be a learning curve, we pride ourselves on how intuitive and user-friendly eCreator really is and Richard concurs. “Once you build a couple of modules and go through some trial and error, it becomes as intuitive as any other software you might use as a trainer. And you won’t have to go through a professional course in eLearning design, to be able to knock up something that’s highly professional-looking and works!” There is no doubt that this also helps to keep down the costs of training. Richard explains that without eCreator, TogetherMoney would have “required significant expertise in eLearning design that doesn’t exist within our L&D function”, which could have been costly. eCreator’s simplicity, however, allows those who have knowledge of the content to create the courses themselves. “It’s eLearning for trainers, not software for coders!”

It is for these reasons that eCreator has become a key tool within TogetherMoney’s training practices. Richard states that to achieve a blended approach, they “would tend to use eCreator to a degree, in practically any piece of design these days.” And, In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the necessity for every aspect of business to be moved online, Richard’s final comments are somewhat timely. “With the world having shifted so dramatically towards remote working, eCreator empowers us to ‘package’ learning in a great way for colleagues used to getting their training in a training room.”

Watch our full eCreator video here:

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