eCreator: Help and Webinars

eCreator: Help and Webinars

This is the final in our series of eCreator based blogs. The previous blogs concerning the key advantages of adopting eCreator and a customer’s experience with the tool can be found here and here. We hope you have seen that eCreator can be a vital asset in your training toolkit. Our eCreator video draws attention to the key functions of eCreator and the positive impact this can have on your company. Watch it here:

However, we cannot hide the fact that using new programmes and tools always comes with a learning curve. We have strived to develop eCreator as a user-friendly and intuitive authoring tool and in support of this, have created a webinar demonstrating the basics of eCreator:

  • Creating an eCreator course containing a number of different page designs
  • Making your pages engaging and interactive using images, pop ups, animations and media
  • Linking to external resources such as PDFs and websites
  • Creating 'choose your own adventure' style courses using branching
  • Managing and archive your pages and create new course versions
  • Using comments to gain feedback from users and SMEs

To explore the capabilities of eCreator further, we have a second webinar discussing the latest features added to eCreator. This includes:

  • Updated preset templates
  • The undo/redo buttons
  • Improvements to the uploading of images
  • Hiding images from print preview
  • Changing the speed of certain animations
  • The ruler guideline tool
  • Removing page numbers (necessary when creating branching scenario courses)

We hope these webinars cover the most important of aspects of eCreator, enabling you to start creating your own training immediately.

For any help with any other aspects of the LMS, please click here for a full range of tutorials and webinars.

If you would like to find out more, please contact your Account Manager. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us here, email digitallearning@theaccessgroup.com or call us on 0800 055 6586.

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