Effective Remote Working

Effective Remote Working

This is an extraordinary time for many of us...

Businesses across the UK and globe are dealing with large volumes of newly remote workers. This can present a range of challenges, not least how to keep them motivated, engaged and ensure positive continuous communication. The good news is that the Access Group is here to support you. We are giving you access to a course package that will help your managers and employees effectively work remotely.

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The Effective Remote Working Package Will Include:
Coronavirus AwarenessDesigned to share information about the current outbreak of coronavirus. It explores how to protect yourself and prevent the spread of disease, both in the workplace and beyond.
Health and Safety for Homeworkers (Employees)Designed to raise awareness of the risks and hazards that are prevalent within the home-based workplace.
Health and Safety for Homeworkers (Managers)Designed to help managers of people help their people stay safe within the home-based workplace.
Managing Virtual TeamsDesigned to help you avoid the pitfalls, and implement processes that will help you get the most out of your virtual teams.
PhishingThis eLearning course, game and summary document, shows how phishing emails are the most common way for attackers to steal sensitive information or launch cyberattacks.
Remote WorkingIn this course we look at the benefits working remotely can bring for both individuals and organisations.
ResilienceThis course will help you develop a better understanding of how to be resilient in the face of adversity, by bending instead of breaking under pressure.
Whaling for BeginnersFollows a CEO’s journey as they realise just how close to home cyberattacks can strike and how broad hackers’ ambitions can be.
Workstation SetupIn this course, you’ll cover the importance of assessing your working environment, so you can ensure that you aren’t putting yourself at any risk.


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