EVENT BLOG: Client Day - Refresh, Revitalise, Rejuvenate!

EVENT BLOG: Client Day - Refresh, Revitalise, Rejuvenate! clientday_jan15Welcome to our 2015 Client Day - Refresh, Revitalise, Rejuvenate! Couldn't make it along or the weather thwart your efforts? Don't sweat it, all the updates and news from the event can be found right here! Guest speakers include Amuzo's Mike Hawkyard, who will explain the principles of gaming and how they can be incorporated into training while some client SkillsServe case studies will be showcased. Instructional design to being about effective and engaging learning will be broken down by Unicorn's own Sam Yates, the 2014 eLearning Designer of the Year before Stuart Jones, Director of IT, will unveil what new features and developments are in store for SkillsServe. There are loads of break out sessions too, here's what we've got going on! IMG_00000636 Right here we go, CEO Peter Phillips has just kicked us off and is now introducing Mike Hawkyard.... _________________________________________________________________________________________ AMUZO/MIKE HAWKYARD This is why Mike's here - http://blog.unicorntraining.com/2014/12/16/news-game-on-as-unicorn-and-amuzo-partner-to-take-learning-to-next-level/ Trusted to guess short term aims, Lego is biggest client - what's going to be happening in a year's time in digital. If we had some eLearning games awards in a years time, what would be winning? Few key rules to making games:
  • Fun first - don't promote to play, get them playing to promote
  • Target audience
  • Current events  - big numbers and getting PR and people talk about current events (i.e. RWC15). Build it and launch around these dead easy to get into conversations.
  • Pick up and play - not too many instructions.
  • Utilise existing rivalries - MUFC v MCFC fans, etc. Trigger rivalry as motivator.
  • Multiplayer/social -
  • Personalisation
  • Reward - best part of game is when win.
He's now setting challenge to create game with a piece of paper - audience have picked 'rules' according to all above. Let the paper aeroplane fight begin! [embed]https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=208825452621473[/embed] What are rewards? People don't have time to play half hour games anymore, everyone plays in short little bursts. Gave e.g. of Boss Alien's CSR Racing - race car for 10 secs again, again and again etc. Rule - if can't have meaningful game experience while stood in airport queue we won't publish your game. 'Most snackable' - 5mins of quick entertainment, doing your eLearning all over the place even on the toilet! If want people to play your game put it on smart device not solely computer. Got to be addictive. Most accessible - Candy Crush links into social network and showing you where friends are. Idea is you want to beat them. Compliance testing can't put scores of people but string a few fun things together you can make a 'fun score' and leaderboard scenario to challenge them to beat each other. Best bribe - If ever want to know what future of digital is, go to South Korea! DragonFlight is HUGE over there - die within 30 secs! You earn peanuts and spend peanuts, follow them on Twitter, given loads more peanuts, like us, then given loads more, learn more, given even more! What can you do to make people do your eLearning even faster - the cooler and funnier the better. Don't need to know facts, need to know where you need to look to find the info as quickly as possible - JIT learning. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Mike & Sarah from Unicorn on importance of Branding and Design in eLearning - case studies coming up! 1) Why is design so important? Always been poss to make SkillsServe look like its part of your organisation. But now applying different design principles to way platform is laid out to enhance user experience. Case study 1 - worked with customer to look at what user needed to see, and what didn't. 3 key areas of info - 1) training plan, 2) more learning and 3) integration (into wider organisation). Case study 2 - they came to us and said we have a lot of v positive feedback and engagement with our intranet so we want something like that. Incorp strongest brand identifiers in site re-brand. Case study 3 - picked out key things client did as some visitors will know about clients, others don't. Once get into site training plan brought to fore. Case study 4 - in the site users want to go straight into their training. V Windows 8 style - TP in their eye line and all stands out within easy reach for them. Case study 5 - different banners are refreshed frequently and point people into different parts of site. Case study 6 - no branding whatsoever applied, it's cartoon style imaging drawn by Unicorn graphic designers and about the user. Breakout from 'it's just a compliance' site as whether it's something as simple as just a new layout or splash of colour finding that are getting feedback that news sites are communicating with and engaging users, they can be as simple or creative as you like, and there is support and guidance from Unicorn relationship managers to see where we can take the idea, even if you don't quite know what the idea is! ________________________________________________________________________________________ First Break Out sessions are about to get underway now..... IMG_00000640Session 1 - SkillsServe Tips and Hints with Stuart and Wayne from Unicorn are introducing parts of SkillsServe that people sometimes don't discover! If you couldn't make it today we will be celebrating SkillsServe's 5th birthday at Learning Technologies on 28-29 January at Olympia, London so why not come along to see us at Stand 95 and find out what you might have missed out on today. IMG_00000643Session 2 - Laura talks clients through how they can use our new eCreator authoring tool to make simple, effective and great quality learning in less time than your lunch! eCreator gets its official launch at Learning Technologies too and we can't wait to bring it to the masses after some awesome client trial projects. Laura's table have been discussing about enhancements since eCreator's soft launch and roadmap for the future, plus providing tips and hints to get the most out of the design tool and giving clients the chance to make their own suggestions and ask questions. Enhancements: Since launch including -
  • New video template
  • UX enhancements - including changing positioning and functionality within editor,  naming of buttons, labelling.
  • Theme security - different organisations cab see the eCreator themes relevant to them.
  • Click and Show template
  • Editor saving
  • Adding pop-ups to content within template
IMG_00000648Planned enhancements in Q1-4 including -
  • Editor navigation
  • Self certification template - tick box to say 'I've read'
  • Spell checker
  • Increase font size to 14
  • Menu ticks of pages viewed previously
  • SkillsServe Learning App - view training plan, download eCreator course, run it when no connection to sync when online
  • Add audio narration
  • In course links
  • Image cropping
  • Exporting to Word
Hints and tips covered included on pasting in from Word, resizing text areas, image size and type, using YouTube template, editing title. NOW LUNCH :) And IMG_00000649we're back..... Different group has joined Stuart and Wayne for the SkillsServe session. SkillsServe Helpdesk is getting a lot of kudos here! Client gathered for this session include AXA Insurance and CII with everyone sharing their own experiences of how they use the system. This session has included detailed overview of making more of reports (creating, tagging, filtering, customising, scheduling) - 24 different reporting options including qualifications, user data, activity attempts, activity registrations, etc. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Writing for eLearning - Getting the best out of your content samy_elaIDofyraward_nov14_medSuper award-winning eLearning Designer of the Year 2014 Sam Yates is up now. If you were designing a brand new Face to face course you wouldn't just give them a text box and tell them to read it. Getting views on best and worst eLearning ever seen - learners view is even more important than stakeholders as if they don't buy in, worthless. Instructional Design is teamwork working with SMEs, clients and learners to ensure learning objectives are met. But how often do you talk to your learners? What do they want to see from their training and where do they face the challenges? How do you keep stakeholders and learners both happy? 1) What do you want course to achieve? 2) What do you want it to say? 3) How do you want it to look? Three key guide points to decide what makes it to screen - "screen real estate is at a premium". Creating your script: Web doc providing structure (reminders/notes/ comments etc) to dictate what. You have just 20 minutes to get your point across so....
  • Use existing templates.
  • Write then cut then cut again - be brutal to get point across.
  • Signpost to extra materials for stuff
  • Organise content
  • Mix it up - use scenarios, egs and tell stories
  • Don't baby your learner - if it needs instructions it hasn't been designed properly
IMG_00000652Don't want eLearning to demonstrate people have got good memory, it's a v safe environment to make mistakes so give them something to do before passing information. Writing style - use active voice, remove all jargon, say more with less (if a picture says 1000 words then use it!), use words learners can picture, use concise, descriptive captions and titles. Writing with graphics - use text to only enhance or reinforce point whether alongside pic/vid etc. Writing assessments - draft the assessment first, randomise the assessment, quality not quantity (4 options for MCQs), use questions to drive the learning (the test then tell approach), focus on behaviours (Qs that relate to choice or decision user going to have to face), make it challenging but fair, avoid yes/no Qs, help people learn from mistakes, keep learner's experience in mind. No hard and fast rules but this is an awesome starting point/guide (there's a back too ;)) ..... IMG_00000655 If break content into natural, relatable chunks helps learner relate it to their day to day role. Resources to help:
  • Articulate community - blogs, free templates, photos, challenges to help you get hang of things
  • eLearning coach
  • Lynda
  • iStock/iPhoto
  • and Sam!
________________________________________________________________________________________ The SkillsServe Roadmap IMG_00000658KLAXON! Last talk of the day and it's Stuart Jones, our SkillsServe guru telling us what's new and coming soon with the platform. What's come about over past year? 1) SkillsServe blog - all new release notes uploaded there. 10 released since June 2014 - every release is a piece of new functionality. V worthwhile following. 2) eCreator - built in authoring tool. Launched in Sept to existing customers, Jan major launch at Learning Technologies. 3) Copying programmes - take an OTS programme and tailor it to what you need to do if parts any relevant to you or you want to, can add/remove things just as you would if it were your programme. Form workflows - forms are a really powerful part of the system and differentiates SkillsServe from other LMSs. Started life as supporting annual appraisal process then been involved in it for T&C requirements (managing and capturing workflows which can be reported on with email alerts etc). Taken another step further last few months for assessments - case studies, scenarios and using for free form text assessments (essay style answers) and can combine with MCQs etc. Also form change history, training requests. 4) CPD One client had 17 multiple CPD schemes - you can now assign a different CPD scheme to each person. CII rule changes Syncing - link your SkillsServe site back to the CII member tool. 5) Reporting 14 new reports added - suite of new default reports available. Differ as they look good on paper when printed in, based on feedback. New Excel export - includes all records and rows. Report API - it is teccy but enables any report we create to be exported from system and manipulated/used in a 3rd party system so your intranet pulling in upcoming events for eg.
  • 1 client didn't like our events calendar - wanted to promo more clearly on homepage what events were available. Report API enabled us to turn around a new feature really quickly
  • Turning columns/rows into dashboards of one page of graphs/charts - now looking at info graphics
  • Can pull live data into wikipages
6) Content management - continued evolving and developing to make easy to use Publishing to catalogue - publish to an audience, now made easier to publish to what catalogue so don't need to filter content 7) HTML emails - branding, apply to all emails, can still choose text. Coming soon.... 1) tab navigation introduced, and making it easier to navigate around the content with a tree structure so know where you are all the time. 2) Can now add whole area of content as well as individual activity to planner to build programmes. 3) Also add filters - tick boxes of what content what to include in programme. 4) New diagnostic evaluation tool added - can say for e.g. if they get 80% on a pre-test/assessment before they do learning can make them exempt from it. Quickens up process. To be launched early this year. 5) ContentServe - new SkilssServe versions. Enables us to take bits of SkillsServe and make them available on 3rd party LMS. Can build a prog and link directly to that prog through a 3rd party LMS. Also good for keeping content up-to-date - links have to be uploaded once but from thereon in updated as if it was on SkillsServe. 6) SkillsServe App - offline access is all.
  • eCreator
  • on/off sync
  • Android / Apple iOS
7) Going global - internationalisation, multiple languages, editing and translation tools. 8) Gamification and more - how have an influence on how we do learning and leverage that into platform. Working with Amuzo to how you create a game on mobile/app and how you tie that back into platform. That's all folks! Mark's just doing the formalities and recapping on main themes of day 1) simplicity, 2) eCreator and 3) games (yep even for compliance!) Now to the bar! THANKS FOR JOINING US!

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