Live event blog from Learning Technologies 2015 (stand 95)

Live event blog from Learning Technologies 2015 (stand 95) imageUpdates, what's the buzz and all the happenings as they happen from Learning Technologies over next two days. So here we go stands set up show's about to open and we're back! Great to see Clive Snell passing from eLearning Awards passing by already and catching up with Mark Jones.

IMG_0011 Folk beginning to drip feed in and a lot of mooching at the moment as everyone gets a feel for who's here and what's where. So good time for a recap from what we're up to over the next two days.... We're celebrating SkillServe's 5th birthday with the launch of SkillsServe 5.0. eCreator our new built in authoring tool gets its official launch. We're joined by our games partners Amuzo with MD Mike doing a seminar in theatre 5 at 1015 today. We're marking the announcement of SkillsServe being ranked top 5 overall and number 1 for financial services in the latest Top 50 Global LMS Report. Presentations on why SkillsServe is the preferred choice for compliance and an introduction to eCreator will be taking place on stand throughout 2 days. One lunch stand visitor will win champagne balloon ride just got coming to say hello! Erm.......there be heaps more too but that's enough to get us started! Mike Hawkyard's Learning Games - You Cannot Be Serious about to start and its standing room only! Books big target for app market. How do you make games? 1) fun first - not fun it will fail! 2) target audience - Lego target to half year age groups v targeted 3) current events - rugby World Cup, election, Greece leaving Euro that people will want to talk about 4) nostalgia / original 5) utilising existing rivalries - man Utd fans v arsenal fans anything that brings into conversation 6) personalisation - avatars, names, 7) multiplayer/social 8) reward The paper aeroplane game is up! Men v Women - volunteers being rallied! 1st one hit the judge! More rules put in less fun it is and people love to try to cheat so let them! Every sector has abbreviations - we've built game our learning companies can learn glossary games users use. Build on smart devices or computers? Game on website played ave 2.5 times, mobile is 10x - go mobile. Do we go HTML or app - apps don't need connection. Long play or snack/chunk content - different subjects have different answers but typically snacking. Uses eg of CSR Racing - got to be able to gave meaningful interaction in a queue of 5mins. Learning games should be same. Should we teach abbreviations before playing? No! fun first! Never teach them before they play before do any sort of education only way keep their attention. Tomb Raider followed all those rules - if prepared to follow these rules and are brave enough to innovative! Play To Learn #P2L - documenting whole process/assets of how they produced new learning games. Believe it's the future and we can't wait to start building these things with you.

IMG_0015-0 Loads of different things interesting the people coming to see us so far, some already take our off the shelf and want to find out what else we do, others looking to change platform and interested in SkillsServe, others already use SkillsServe and are taking time to have one-to-ones with on-stand Unicorns to get to grips with if they're using SkillsServe most effectively.

IMG_0017 Just caught tail end of fascinating q&a featuring Myles Runham head of online, Bbc academy and Andy Lancaster, Leading Learning and Development at CIPD. Lots of interesting challenges to the industry. Here are some snippets. How do ensure senior leaders are digital/social savvy - encourage upward mentoring? A main way people learn now is Twitter yet still L&D people who say Twitters irrelevant. Does L&D need to get more edgy? Does instructional design over complicate storytelling in learning? Has learning already surpassed tablet and moved to smartphone demand? With iPad sales dropping and people only using 50% of smartphones for communications the scope is there to do more learning on phone, Is there still most focus on LMS being only source of data? What do you think?

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