Financial crime in spotlight at WKFS events

Financial crime in spotlight at WKFS events Heavy fines and inadequacies of financial-crime governance approaches and processes to date is proving costly.

The culmination of this came with the FSA Handbook FCC update in December 2011, an attempt by the outgoing regulator to put into place more robust processes and industry practices designed to make financial crime detection and prevention a high priority, and far easier and effective.

But how do you ensure you can get one cohesive view of your financial crime governance programme?

Unicorn Training partners, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, are hosting a couple of events - online and an executive briefing - in May to shed more light on financial crime governance to comply with the latest FSA guidelines.

Among the expert speakers include Matt Allen, Director- Financial Crime at Unicorn Training partners the BBA, who will discuss the Evolving Financial Crime Regulatory Landscape, with other items on the event agendas including what you need in an effective programme and how you can achieve a structured, comprehensive view of Financial Crime Governance.

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services officially endorses Unicorn Training financial crime eLearning.

For more information about the events click hereLink

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