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veryone in the UK is subject to the financial promotions regime – whether they are a financial services company or not. A financial promotion is defined as an ‘Invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity’ – which generally includes all methods of encouraging investment in the course of business which have a promotional element and intent.

Although we might think of a promotion as being a written communication, it’s actually far broader than that, particularly with the significant increase in the use of social media. In fact, promotions can include face to face discussion, phone calls, emails, advertisements, websites, presentations, Tweets and Facebook posts – so you may be breaching regulation without even being aware.

Recent mis-selling scandals (such as PPI) have increased public awareness of potentially misleading sales tactics, lending and advice.

This course is aimed at anyone working in financial services who needs an overview of the financial promotions regime and how to be compliant. By the end of the course, learners will:

  • Understand what financial promotions are
  • Be able to explain what constitutes a client communication
  • Know the rules and regulations associated with financial promotions

The course is presented as a pathway with the following activities:

  • A short “teaser” video to raise awareness
  • eLearning modules explaining what constitutes a financial promotion, how they are regulated and some practical case studies
  • A quick summary module for refresher training
  • A post-course assessment

The course will also provide learners with up to 60 minutes of CPD.


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