GDPR - one year on

GDPR one year on

Last week, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) turned one year old. Like any infant, teething issues and maybe even some sleepless nights can be expected while regulated firms adjust processes and policies to ensure compliance with the regulation.

So, one year on, how is the industry doing? Well, according to some experts as many as 40% of SMEs in the UK don’t yet know who is affected by GDPR and there may be a further percentage who don’t know the new rights for consumers that GDPR brought in.

Firms simply cannot afford to remain unaware nor can they fail to make the required changes needed to ensure compliance with the legislation and the spirit of greater consumer protection. The first signs of consumer and regulatory legal action against firms are emerging, so non-compliance or adverse consumer impact will be penalised.

Here's what our content partner MicroLearn had this to say about GDPR training one year on:

To be able to comply with GDPR your firm will need to be aware of the changes needed and the implications; so why not try this great quiz from MicroLearn to see how much you know or remember about GDPR.

To refresh your knowledge about the changes or to learn about this legislation and the key points that apply to all regulated firms, please register your learners for Unicorn’s General Data Protection course in the GRC Library; or the MicroLearn GDPR training modules in the Data Protection Library.

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