Guest Speaker: Sam Yates at Learning Design Live 2015

Guest Speaker: Sam Yates at Learning Design Live 2015

Find out how you can better use branching scenarios in eLearning when Unicorn’s award-winning Instructional Designer, Sam Yates, is a guest speaker at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham on 29 September.

Sam, the 2014 eLearning Designer of the Year and winner of the international Global Giveback competition 2014, will be on stage during ‘Learning Design Live’ between 2pm-2.30pm explaining what branching scenarios actually are, the benefits to the learner and how they can be incorporated into eLearning.

Elearning Designer of the year

In particular she will especially be addressing using characters and decision points, creating a safe environment in which to make mistakes and modifying and adapting for templates.

Branching scenarios provide the user with a number of different options where each route they choose will then impact on the outcome. Sam admits she is looking forward to speaking at such a prestigious event about a technique so familiar to her.

She said: “This method of delivering learning creates a safe environment, one where the learner is free to explore different avenues and not necessarily identify the correct answer immediately.

In this way the user is in control of their own learning and has ownership of the process; the knock-on effect of this is a boost to learner engagement and motivation.

This type of learning works particularly well when addressing soft skills, such as sales management, where the outcome is more fluid rather than compliance training where a definite answer is sought.

Branching scenarios can be built into existing eLearning programmes. Time needs to be invested in the initial stages, creating a solid branching scenario template which can then be adapted.”

World of Learning 2015

Learning Design Live is a new free conference specifically for anyone involved in learning tech design to get in-depth advice and share ideas with other design specialists.

Topics range from how to create effective design goals, diagnostic assessments, action mapping to gamifying your content and overcoming the latest challenges in instructional design.

The conference is sponsored by the eLearning Network (eLN) who will be present over the two days to facilitate and ignite further conversations between sessions.

To book your free place at Learning Design Live and hear Sam’s talk, visit www.learnevents.com.

Image credit: World of Learning

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