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Money laundering and how you can prevent it

From Monday the 11th of May the programme ‘Money laundering and how you can prevent it’ will be updated.

The introductory video ‘The perils of money laundering: a warning’ will be replaced with a more modern video, ‘A routine walk to work’which will be loaded to the existing programmes on the ComplianceServe site. This innovative new video takes a scenario that everyone can relate to and challenges them to look at it from another angle, as this can change people’s perceptions of what’s around them. People will be surprised when they see how money laundering can be lurking just around the corner!

All users already registered will continue to see the old video. New users registered to this programme will only see the updated video.

NB: If you require any further assistance, please contact the HelpDesk on 0844 800 3316, or by email at helpdesk@unicorntraining.com and they’ll be happy to assist.


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