Help your people excel by empowering them with minds-i


The key to enabling and empowering your workforce is being able to be arm them with the knowledge and skills they need, in a fully accessible way, at the very moment your support can make the most impact.

minds-i does this by providing users with access to personalised bite-sized content, right into their hands - through their mobile device.

It consolidates three essential learning elements:

Your organisation's knowledge Integrating with your LMS gives your users immediate access to your 'moment of need' videos, PDFs and audio files.
External expertise Build on this by providing access to libraries of bite-sized best practice advice from industry leaders.
Trusted live feeds Select the most relevant live feeds to keep your employees fully up-to-date with every trending piece of news in your industry.

minds-i is effective because it is so easily accessible and so relevant to your users. It can be accessed for a quick knowledge refresher or for the latest trending industry news prior to an important presentation or meeting, or simply for some extra CPD or training on the daily commute. It is a way for you to empower and arm your employees and enable them to be the best they can possibly be.

Last week we exhibited at the World of Learning where we were greeted by crowds of delegates trying to win a cuddly Unicorn by playing our fantastic QuizCom learning game.

The most successful players accessed minds-i whilst waiting in the queue to top up their Unicorn knowledge prior to taking the quiz - essential learning from the experts, in their hand...and right at their point of need!

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