The common goals of L&D and HR

How Access supports learning, development and HR specialists

Learning and development (L&D) specialists and HR professionals have plenty in common – not least being tasked to realise the potential and get the utmost from staff across their business. This common goal often means they are part of the same team, working together to maximise workforce performance. Ultimately, every business understands that its people are its driving force (and can even be its biggest advantage) – so for L&D and HR, the underlying challenges are also a huge responsibility.

Understanding the needs, goals and working processes of both L&D and HR is the first vital step towards creating solutions that actually add value and make a difference to daily life. At Access, we regularly take time to do just that – starting by really listening to the needs of our customers rather than simply guessing. We are software specialists first and foremost, but the difference with Access is that we have always seen technology as an enabler rather than an endpoint in its own right. Our people believe that it’s how we improve the working lives of our users and add value to our customers’ businesses that is our judge of success.

Access solutions are all based on the fundamental premise of usability and we develop and build effective software and tools which are closely matched to the needs of mid-tier businesses. Many of our customers have HR and L&D teams of just a handful of people; others are much larger departments with perhaps 20 or more people-focused professionals working together. For everyone we provide useful, reliable and easy to use technology which is backed up by accessible support from our technology experts. We’re happy to work with you whenever and however you need us to.

As well as offering a market-leading Learning Management System (LMS) and world-class eLearning content through our recent acquisitions of L&D specialists Unicorn Training and Safety Media, Access also provides a host of options that support the entire HR team. From applicant tracking, onboarding and payroll to HR reporting and analytics, self-service, and talent and performance management: there is plenty of HR software to discover from Access.

Imagine your HR and L&D team functioning with a modern, streamlined solution… The possibilities for working together to build tailored individual development programmes, supported by a host of online training opportunities, really are immense. For your business, the potential benefits are attractive too, especially when looking at core challenges such as accurate HR data management and reporting, streamlined and efficient recruitment, attracting and retaining millennials (and other age groups), effective talent management, and introducing self-service to reduce the admin burden. And that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to the needs of today’s HR professionals.

Access can help. We have so much to offer, we’ve also made it ultra-easy for you to home in on the solutions that interest you the most with our simple to use brochure builder tool. Simply browse the range of solutions on offer and see for yourself what could benefit your business the most. At the click of a mouse, you can create your own bespoke overview which is ideal for presenting your plans and ideas to the rest of the business.

Why not create your ideal HR solution from Access now and start building your business case for investment in HR software?

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