I’m a Super Administrator, what now?

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Our Unicorn LMS is built to offer different levels of access, so your users, managers and administrators are able to do exactly what they need for their role. One thing you might not have known is we also have an even higher top-tier level of access: Super Administrator. So what is a Super Administrator? What can they do? Does it give me super powers?

Not quite, but it does mean you have access to the Site Settings area of your LMS where you have the super-power to switch on and manage certain features of your site, such as Sliding Banners, Activity Ratings and Discussion Forums.

A Super Administrator is not a role which can be selected in a user's profile like other system roles but sits within a user group with higher site level permissions. A Super Administrator can manage settings globally across the whole site. This role is usually restricted to one or two people within an organisation as they will be able to access and manage the Site Settings. The Super Administrator role is not applicable for all our customers so please speak to your Relationship Manager if you think you should be a Super Administrator.

Want to know more? Why not book on to our webinar on the Self-Service Features available to Super Administrators. On this webinar we will explain what it means to be a Super Administrator and demonstrate the different tools available to them within Site Settings.

The next available dates for this webinar are:

27 July at 14:30

10 August at 10:30

24 August at 14:30

To find out what other training webinars we offer, please view the schedule and email training@unicorntraining.com to book.


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