Customers. At Unicorn we always put them first.

Customer Experience Team

Everything we do is focused on one key aim – customer success.

That said, we never rest on our laurels. We can always do things better, quicker and more effectively.

We’ve taken a look at what makes a great customer journey – and as a result created our Customer Experience Team. To accommodate this initiative, we are also growing the team.

As an existing Unicorn customer your day-to-day point of contact will remain the same. They will continue to proactively work with you to understand your learning and development objectives, the impact of changing regulations, and ways to keep your training fresh and engaging. We think Relationship Manager doesn’t do them justice, so we are renaming them Customer Success Manager.

Your Customer Success Manager will now be backed up by an expanded help, training and solutions resource - all of which have a role to play in your customer experience with Unicorn.

Every technical enquiry will be coordinated seamlessly by our experienced and knowledgeable Help Advisors.

They will also collaborate with Learning Managers and Unicorn specialists to come up with the best solution to meet your need.

New development projects will be run by a dedicated Solutions Manager ensuring a successful delivery.

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