Let us know how we’re doing

Let us know how we’re doing

At Access we’re really keen to understand what you think of our products. We want them to make your lives easy so that you can concentrate on the tasks where you really add value to your job. We want our software to make you smile because it's effortless to use.

So to help us with this we’ve introduced a tool called Wootric. It's a bar at the bottom of the screen that you’ll occasionally see after logging in. It will ask you “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?” and you can select a score from 1 - 10. You’ll then be able to tell us why you gave that rating.

We will use this to create a Net Promoter Score for our LMS. If you leave a comment we can categorise these to help us understand which areas of the product we should improve or develop next.

We’d like to thank you in advance for your scores and comments. We’re looking forward to receiving them and to making our product great and your lives easier.

The Product Team

Access LMS

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