LIVE EVENT BLOG: E-Learning 20-20

LIVE EVENT BLOG: E-Learning 20-20 Just about to wrap here after a couple of really good discussion groups continuing after An's talk. Thanks to everyone for making day one so interesting and useful. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Bring on Day 2! marco_craig_web We're back with An Coppens - gamification guru! Describes Gamification as the application of game dynamics, game psychology and game mechanics to non-game situations and applications Candy Crush/Angry Birds - ask gamers is it fun/boring? Look for feedback from their players. Do you get that in LMS? 13% of your workforce engaged (singing your praises etc), 64% not engaged (not fussed either way) and 24% actively disengage (v dangerous group!) Measures: 1) Do i contribute to greater good of company? 2) Do I feel valued/praised? 3) Do I have freedom contribute? What can gamification bring to party to fix this? If actively going hate mail do they belong in your company?? Customer that complains is always the one telling the truth so listen to the haters in your company and base your gamification on the grumpies. Vast majority just go along but don't give you feedback. Why gamification? 70% of senior execs have played games during office time (Solitaire, Sudoko for e.g.), 18% of gamers are younger than 18, 53% of gamers between 18-49 (almost half of which are women), 29% are 50 or older. That has big ramifications for workforce/games. Traditionally we learned through games/stories, how tribes past on knowledge. Are corporations the new tribes? What are the stories in your organisation - what are you selling, what story are you telling.coppens_med Told story about a Turkish Bank who trialled a game and the older age-group engaged with it more than younger ones. Sitzmann: "The engagement of the learner in the game leads to learning." Show and play is different story to show and tell. Game has rules, play is unstructured. So how does that apply to training? Elements of training game: interaction, contest, structure, outcomes, subject information. When your learning to walk have a parent other side of room cheering you on? When you joined company did you have a cheerleader? Proven tactic alt Roughly 5-6% of LMS systems have gamification in-built - but 72% of leaders strongly prefer gamification on their LMS. Craig Weiss ‏@diegoinstudio 16s17 seconds ago The # of LMSs that have some form of #gamification, my data says around 5% to 6% #elearning2020 Platform interactivity and participation can be increased by placing social sharing support functions. Add point accumulating opportunities and vote for content but be careful about what you assign points to - "Willy nilly points equal willy nilly outcomes." Track a number of behaviours and play with numbers assign to them to that they remain robust and aren't 'played' by employees who just do things to accrue points. Updated leaders boards with learners avatars and their points (50%) and badges (60%) with a special mention as to WHY they earned points. But don't link to performance related pay - motivations change. Community recognition (62%) and challenges to achieve recognition are desired (82%) as well as access to exclusive content (78%). Techniques like progressing to different levels, scores, real time performance feedback and activity feeds are in demand. User journey - discovery > on boarding (learning skill) > scaffolding > end game (new level, finish course, get certificate) Fire Service e.g. - have to renew compliance points all the way through, ageing fireman in system if start looking a bit tired and aged to encourage them to do their training. Different to beating them with 'you must you must you must' - drawing them in, bit if humour, v visual although will always have some that need to dragged to system. Who are your players? Andrzej Marczewski - www.gamified.co.uk - questionnaire on how to identify the player types in your organisation to tailor your learning accordingly. Learner types - socialiser, free spirit, achiever, philanthropist - what is the make up of your teams (sales. graphics, marketing, trainers etc) candy4
  • Games are fantastic at showing you want to do - no probs starting so tutorials/onboarding important.
  • Challenges/quests - in game your the player but in LMS your the player but have no control so let them play, explore and make them visually pleasing.
  • Progress bar - every game tells you where you are (even LinkedIn uses it to tell you how complete profile is and use as motivator to make you complete more). In courses / certifications if 90% there more likely to stick it out to complete.
  • Celebrate! Feedback regularly has to be in the system - proven that you know something so reward by skipping part of the course for eg. Can now finish compliance training in 2 minute simulation instead of making them click through linear learning for e.g..
  • Choices and consequences - people should be able to gain and lose points in system. Can't build in points to fire people though!!!
  • Instant feedback - when has LMS last told you your last move was delicious!
  • Regular updates with new content - big lead up time, big launch, something's leaked, its a big deal. Not bug fixing.
  • Levels, rewards, points and badges - but also what gave gamification bad name. Badges need to have value, levels need to require effort


Culturally we've always been taught enterprise is serious. To counter cynicism put it back to people to ask what they have done to learn even most basic skills and the effect of that. Download An's ebook 'Gamification in Buisness' at www.bookboon.com Michael Hawkyard ‏@mhawkyard 2m2 minutes ago Loving this - https://www.leaderboarded.com/gurus . Gamification experts ranking themselves via social activity. Go @GamificationNat! #ELearning2020 Coffee break time! _________________________________________________________________________________________ Just about to wrap up lunch back v soon. grooupscollage_med After Craig's talk, delegates broke up into 2 groups - 1) continuing discussion around NextGen LMS with Craig and 2) talking about the ins and outs of ramification with the guys from Growth Engineering. groups_med So just a catch up of what's been happening this morning...... Craig Weiss has provided a thoroughly engrossing seminar on Next Gen LMS. It was so good, and people were so engaged that it Craig kindly spoke and answered questions for well over his allocated time. Here's an overview of some of the tweets from Craig's session. Mark Jones ‏@eLearningMDJ 2h2 hours ago #ELearning2020 @diegoinstudio compares lms world to @walmart - offer a wider range of services to retain your customer Marco Faccini ‏@Marcoable 2h2 hours ago So cool - great tool highlighted by @diegoinstudio automate your workflow with https://zapier.com/ #elearning2020 Peter Phillips ‏@PIPUNICORN 2h2 hours ago Craig Weiss emphasising the trend to video. Can your system publish and track video clips from your phone? #ELearning2020 @unicorntraining Mark Jones ‏@eLearningMDJ 2h2 hours ago @diegoinstudio highlights that lms vendors want you to stay... Seeing a rise of integrated authoring tools #ELearning2020 Peter Phillips ‏@PIPUNICORN 1h1 hour ago Craig Weiss key trends - gamification, UI, Salesforce integration, #ELearning2020 Laura Summers ‏@LauraSummersNow 1h1 hour ago Wow! From next year (says @diegoinstudio ) in Florida students in grades 9-13 can take all classes online #ELearning2020 #wishiwasastudent Marco Faccini ‏@Marcoable 1h1 hour ago @diegoinstudio says UK #elearning content is well below rest of world and mobile is really poor - any surprise? #elearning2020 Peter Phillips ‏@PIPUNICORN 2h2 hours ago Next Gen LMS. Great UX, world class support, unique value adds, early adoption, and focus on learning not technology. #ELearning2020 Sorry for the delay in getting this starting folks, best laid plans and all that! _______________________________________________________________________________________ ** UPDATE: There is a slight delay to the live blog due to unforeseen traffic issues but keep checking back for more details.  In the meantime you can get updates here: @unicorntraining** A live blog of all the hot topics and discussion points from 'E-Learning 20-20 - Stay Ahead of the Game' will be updated here from 9.30am on Wednesday 26 November! The blog will be live throughout the two-day event. Don't forget you can also follow what's going on @unicorntraining on Twitter and using the hashtag #elearning2020    

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