Mastering Information Security and Data Protection

Mastering Information Security and Data Protection
Clients’ trust is arguably the foundation on which all good business relationships are built. A key part of this is that confidential information relating to them will always remain secure and out of the public eye

However, issues surrounding information and data protection can be complicated minefields.

Our new Information Security and How to Comply with the Data Protection Act courses can help you help your staff get to grips with the fundamental dos and don’ts unique to each area to ensure your company does not end up embroiled in a costly data nightmare.

Driven by our belief that the best learning comes from putting facts into the right context, and delivering them with meaningful emotional impact, both courses start with attention catching cameos highlighting the consequences of an information security breach or what happens if someone fails to deal with data protection obligations.

Information Security takes a comprehensive look at why information security is important, how to mitigate information security risks and your responsibilities for information security in your job. The content examines all aspects of information security and includes a number of interactive tasks, and real life examples of how it applies.

How to Comply with the Data Protection Act focuses on you and your firm’s legal obligations under the Data Protection Act and also features a number of interactive tasks and real life examples of how data protection applies.

Both courses finish with multiple choice assessments allowing you to test your knowledge and apply it in the correct context.

For more information about these and all our updated and engaging compliance titles please email us at enquiries@unicorntraining.com or call 0845 130 5138.

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