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CONTENT UPDATE: Mortgage and Home Finance – Arrears and Possessions

I am delighted to announce that our Arrears and Possessions pathway within our Mortgage and Home Finance suite is being given a face lift and a conversion to our eCreator 2 template. This means that it will have all new graphics, interactivity and the functionality for administrators to print the course to a PDF. The new course will be available at the end of September.

If you do not subscribe to our Mortgage and Home Finance suite please contact your Unicorn Account Manager or contact us here

If you do subscribe to our Mortgage and Home Finance suite here are the things you need to know:

WE ARE ARCHIVING THE LEGACY Arrears and Possessions Pathway ON 14 October 2019

In our legacy pathway we have 7 activities:

  • Arrears and possessions – Introductory video
  • Arrears and possessions – Handling arrears and payment shortfalls
  • Arrears and possessions – Handling pre-litigation
  • Arrears and possessions – Handling litigation and possession
  • Arrears and possessions – Case study
  • Arrears and Possessions – Assessment
  • Arrears and Possessions – Key points

As this legacy content is being archived they will no longer be supported, updated or maintained. Where users have been registered to the legacy content these will remain in users‘ ‘My Activities’ even after archiving. Users will either need to complete them or administrators will need to cancel the registration. Find out how to cancel a user from an activity here

The legacy content will also remain in existing pathways, for example those created and used for induction, until they are removed. Find out about archiving activities here

You may also want to then add the new content to those pathways. Find out how to add content to pathways here

Where learners have already completed these courses, the CPD achieved will remain.

If any assistance is required on any of these actions, please visit Unicorn Help or contact the team here.


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