Myth Buster #1 - Technology is your silver bullet for cyber attacks

Abstract image showing a man in a suit holding a padlock to represent cyber security

Hardly a day goes by without another high profile cyber-attack hitting the headlines. As the scale and impact of cyber-attacks continues to grow, it's essential that organisations are more effective at managing their cyber risk.

In this short series of 'myth buster' blog posts, we consider some of the widely-held misbeliefs which are undermining the efforts of many organisations to protect their most vital asset – information.

There is a myth that technology will be our saviour - and whilst it undoubtedly plays a major role, we shouldn't allow ourselves to believe it's the silver bullet.

Effective resilience against cyber-attacks is as much about your people and their behaviours as any technology. An employee only has to get it wrong once for your technological defences to be breached and critical information to be put at risk. In turn, jeaopardising your organisation’s hard won reputation, competitive advantage and operational stability.

In an effort to address the need for simple, practical guidance on how to mitigate the risk of cyber-attack, Unicorn Training has teamed up with global cyber security awareness training experts AXELOS to bring you RESILIA™ Frontline.

RESILIA Frontline is a comprehensive library of cyber security awareness training content, created by information security and learning specialists to deliver effective cyber resilience learning across your organisation.

Watch this short video to find out more:

Global organisations are already reaping the benefits of bite-size, engaging learning content that is helping to change behaviours and build cyber resilience to mitigate the risk of attack.

Want to see how your organisation can turn your people into your most effective defence against cyber-attack? Sign up to our free 14-day trial today and take the first steps in protecting your organisation's most valuable assets.

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