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Unicorn Training Conduct Rules eLearning

For those Senior Management Functions and individuals who fall under the Certification Regime in banks, building societies, credit unions and designated investment firms, the new Conduct Rules became applicable on the 7th March 2016.

For all other employees (apart from some ancillary staff) in those relevant firms, the new rules are not applicable until 7th March 2017. However, the regulators expect all individuals to be trained on the new Conduct Rules with specific examples aligned to the roles they undertake prior to the applicable commencement date.

The Conduct Rules module is part of our suite of eLearning that covers the Individual Accountability Regime. Whether your staff hold a SMF, are part of the Certification Regime, or do not come under the new Conduct Rules as yet, this module will be relevant to them. Because we have included a range of job role families, this module satisfies the regulators’ requirement for specific examples, pertinent to the role being undertaken. Learners will understand what the Conduct Rules are, what they mean and how they apply to them.


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