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Cybercrime and Three Lines of Defence Unicorn Training eLearning

Even though the level of awareness of cyber threats has increased, and law enforcement acts globally to combat them, illegal profits have reached amazing figures.

The regulators require firms to establish three lines of defence supported by clear and robust processes and procedures in order to combat potential criminal activities. Cybercrime and digital attacks have increased around the world and are an ever-increasing threat to a firm’s survival.

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated targeting consumers as well as public, private and government organisations.

At work, many employees wrongly believe that the organisation will provide all the protection needed, so they think they don’t need to be concerned about cyber-activity – they do.

By adopting robust policies and procedures that support the firm’s three lines of defence and understanding the part individuals play in tackling Cybercrime, we can help:

  • prevent the loss of intellectual property and sensitive data
  • avoid the cost of mitigation strategies and recovery from cyber-attacks
  • mitigate any penalties and compensatory payments to customers (for inconvenience or consequential loss), or contractual compensation (for delays, etc.)
  • prevent the loss of reputational and brand damage.

The new modules on cybercrime and three lines of defence will help learners understand how your firm could be exposed to cybercrime and how embedding the practices of the regulators’ three lines of defence can help to mitigate that exposure.


Simon Mercer

Simon Mercer

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